June 8, 2009


I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffennegger. Currently I am in a state of shock. I will review this book when I can wrap my head around it. However, I will say that I will probably not stop thinking about this book for some time now. :(

June 3, 2009


If I actually wrote all the things I am thinking right now I would offend people with all the curse words. SO, instead I will post the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer =) It looks sooooooo good. I can't wait!

THIS Makes My Soul Smile

THIS is why I love this band! THIS is why DMB is one of the best bands in the World. THIS is beautiful music with heart, soul, passion, killer lyrics and amazing musical style. THIS song is an orgasm for my soul!!!!!!!!!! You MUST watch this video, love it, take it in and enjoy in it's wonder. If you don't like this song, then you must not like music. Period. =) Watch this in it's entirety because it just gets better and better. Dave puts his whole heart into every song and this one takes the cake. Sigh, I love them. RIP LeRoi, you will be missed but never forgotten.

Soul shaking, spiritual making, heart breaking.


You may think I am DMB obsessed lately. I am. Dave always lifts my spirits and makes my soul smile. +) Also, I saw them in concert again recently and it just gets better every time. It takes me back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was in high school and heard my first DMB song, Satellite. I remember my ears pricked up and suddenly I was in love and never turned back. Dave is dependable and always gives his all. I can always rely on the band to lift my spirits.

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King was released yesterday (cover art by Dave). I am currently going through all of the songs and I love them, however, it's a different style and vibe from what we're use to. You can tell this album meant a lot to them and it was made more for the band than the fans. You can feel all the love the put into it and it's awesome. The album was primarily recorded in New Orleans and it has that flavor and funk. It's also very socialy conscious and aware. It's also a lovely tribute to LeRoi Moore who plays on several tracks with his beautiful sax. Anyhow...if you get a minute, take a listen. It's worth it.