April 27, 2007

Batman vs' Superman

First of all, I'm re-doing my blog because I was bored with the old one. So, please be patient as it's under a lot of contruction. LOL

I have really been slacking on my posts huh? Sorry about that, not that I expect anyone to really care, but incase someone, anyone out there in Siberia does ..... forgive me. One reason is that I've been mega busy. Ball games almost everynight and studying in top of that. The second reason is that I can't log onto my blog because I don't have the new google account. Before I'd always logged in with my old blogger account and it's saying it is'nt recognizing it and it's really pising my off to tell ya the truth. lol I can't really say how I got on here today to post this. Somehow I went and changed a password because I thought that I forgot mine or something (NOT) and when I did it automatically directed me here. I tried logging off and logging back in under the new password and same thing again. SO I changed again so I could sneak in and post something. I don't know what I've done at this point. I have so many accounts and passwords I'm lost. Ha! So I'm going to try and get my husband to fix this and figure out what my account is so I can log in without having to change my password everytime. Ok, now that you're tired of listening to me rant about this, here's the latest:

I know it says on my blog that I only have 2 days left of school, but technically I still have a week and a half. Today was actually my last nursing lecture. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! On Monday I have a lecture test in Micro, Wednesday I have my second psych test in nursing and Thursday I have my last lab test in micro. Pretty busy week huh? The next week...Monday the 7th is my nursing final and Wednesday the 9th is my micro final. THEN I'll be "officialy" complete with 3rd semester....hopefully. I have probably said all of this before, but I have short term memory loss related to studying for 5 tests at once AND I'm too lazy to go back and read what I've written previously. He he.

Two nights ago as I was reading a case study on rabies I saw something strange out of the corner of my eye. "What was that?" I thought. "Probably just my eyes playing tricks on me." I replied to myself. Then I saw it again, this time it was much more up close and personal. Actually it was flying at my head and then I realized that it wasn't the floaters in my eyes that make me crazy, but a BAT! EEEEK! I screamed like the skeerdy kat I am and took off running, but low and behold someone else runs ahead of me. They must be chasing the bat. Thank goodness! Wait, that was my husband. Why is he runnin away from the bat? Shouldn't he be running toward the bat trying to shoo it out the door or swat at it like all those manly men do? Why is he running in the room and shutting the door? This is strange. Then it hits me...he's more scared than me. Practically shoving me out of the way to save hiself. PFFFT! What if we were on a plane and it's going down, is he going to take the oxygen mask for himself too? Geez! This is a load of crap. More stunned from the lack of chivalry than from the bat floating around my head, I knock on the door. "Are you going to hide in there or come out and help me get this bat out of the house?" So he steps out and is ducking and doing some odd tribal dance and using me as his shield. Ok, first of all, I love my husband and he'd kill me if he knew I was telling anyone this (LMAO) but come on!!!! Don't leave me out here by myself man...Let my ass in there too! SO after much coaxing and having the "I'm freaking out too" talk I convince him we must do something because I was just reading that these nasty, evil mice with wings have rabies!! So to make a long story short in our ranting we lost the bat. We searched the house on tip toe looking for the thing. I'm standing in my sons room talking and I look up and there it is, above my head , HANGING ASLEEP on the molding above their door! EEEK EEEEK EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! I've never been this close to a bat, they're hairy and scary and eew. We tried shooing it out the door...didn't work, we tried running around like our hair was on fire, that didnt work either so we came up with a plan that my dh was going to whack it really hard with a broom. It took him 15 good solid minutes to get the courage to hit it and once he did...it didn't even move. It starting making this clicking, hissing, screeching, God awful sounds. Then he hit it again and finally it fell to the floor, but was still making those nosies I will never forget. I thought it was hurt and tried to get it with a broom to scoop in a bag, as I got close to it, turned it's ugly head, bared it's teeth and starting chomping and making this screechy garbage disposale sound. UGH! Shudder! It flapped out it's wings ready to fight and I ran again like a big ole chicken. LOL We finally called the park ranger (across the street) and he came and got it with a sheet. He said he's done this before....obviously we haven't. I'm sure he thought we were a couple of idiots, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to contract rabies, or worse...turn into a vampire.;-) That would suck. SO....that was an interesing night. I guess it came in through the fireplace. Note to self...seal the damn thang! I took some pics and will post them as soon as I upload them from my camera...that's if I can find away to log in. Ha!

Sigh....so here we are at the end. It's finally that time and I'm really happy. I just need to get through these tests. It is going to feel good to be a free woman. I get to clean my house and cook and read and swim and go on a vacation. I deserve it, that may sound arrogant, but I do. I am just ready to be mommy for a while and devote all of my attention to my 4 awesome boys. They are all doing so well in school and sports and I am so proud. Despite the joking earlier, my husband has really stepped up to the plate...literally. He's coaching the twins baseball team, attending all of our oldest son's ball games (who is now 13...Lord help us all), picking them up and taking them everywhere everyday, cooking, cleaning, keeping everything together as best as he can all while working a full time job. Forget Batman, he's Superman in my eyes. I'm a lucky gal I guess. :-) He puts up with a lot and I know he's just as ready for summer break as I am so he can get back to being "normal" too.

We had to take another ATI test today. For those of you who aren't familiar they are competency type tests about nursing subjects and it's suppose to be similar to the NCLEX. It's to see how well prepared we are and where are weaknesses are and what we need to work on. We don't get graded on them, but have to take them over every subject we cover each semester. Anyway, as I was sitting there I was thinking what I will feel like on the day of the actual NCLEX exam. I am going to be a nervous wreck I'm sure. The NCLEX is a computer test (state nursing boards- what gives you that RN behind your name) that gives you questions and the more you get right the harder they get and if you get one wrong the difficulty level decreases etc...you get the drift. The test can shut off at 75 questions and you can pass or fail or it could shut off at 265 questions and you could pass or fail. There is no rhyme or reason and all you can do is wait....wait with your stomach in knots to find out if you passed. In the olden (He he) days they had to wait weeks to months to get their scores. Now you can find out online in just a few days. Those will be the longest days of my life....next to awaiting my acceptance letter. Speaking of that day, I remember it very well. I waited and waited for months to find out one way or another. (You all know the feeling) I imaged what I would feel if I got rejected and vice versa. I played it in my head many times. I was at home by myself that day and I checked the mail and there it was....the letter. I was so scared to open it, but I practically ripped it open and almost ripped the letter too. The first few words read...Congratulations! You have been selected....and I didn't read the rest until later. My first reaction was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then I immediately felt kinda scared, like....what did I do? Oh no! I was shocked by this feeling. It was certainly unexpected. I felt like I'd just stepped in a huge pile of dung that wouldn't come off of my shoe. I was anxiously awaiting this for so long and the awaited emotions were sideline by a feeling of doom. I was just unsure and scared at that time. I don't guess I thought past the letter part. LOL I always say...if I knew then what I know now... It has been the best experience I've ever had outside of my family obviously, but it's been a long hard road to walk down so I'm not sure if I would go forward knowing how difficult it really is. Nurses and nursing students are so underrated. The average public doesn't realize the amount of education and hard work is put into becoming a nurse. I've learned a lot of people assume we go to a trade school and come away with a certificate or something. They have no idea. You see all of these shows on tv about doctors and laywers and what they need to do is have a show about nursing school and nurses. I guarantee, if it's based on reality, it would be a hit. All the craziness. I'm surprised this hasn't been done before. I have some really intelligent students in my class and they struggle too, it's a very challenging career, but I really believe I did the right thing and I'm excited for my future and what being a nurse will bring. I know it won't be fun all the time. I'm not jaded. I know the horrors and the labor of this career. I know that some of the people you work with will stab you in the back quicker than that bat flew at my head, but as long as I'm doing what I love, none of that will matter. Hopefully I can pick a specialty and love it. I'm still undecided on that area. One day, hopefully soon, I will set my sights on a certain area and give it my best shot. Well, if I want to be a nurse I suppose I must study for it huh? I'll try to post again soon.
Peace out.........

April 23, 2007

Tests, Tests and More Tests

The next couple of weeks are going to be very hectic. I have 6 tests in the next week and a half so my posts will be sparse indeed. I will probably be very stressed as I usually am when a test is coming up. Ugh. This time of the semester is always so crazy. I have a very small A in nursing now. And I mean small. An A is a 91% and I have a 91.7 I believe. I'm fairly certain I will not walk away this semester with an A, so I'm hoping for a B atleast. In Micro, I'm not so sure. I'm hoping for atleast a B so my GPA doesn't go down too much. As of right now my GPA is 3.7 something, not too bad I guess. Well, I'd love to catch up with you all, but I must be going. I'll write back as soon as possible and update you on how my tests are going. Good luck to everyone during finals week!
Until next time....

April 18, 2007


I'm feeling really sad today thinking about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I just read on MSNBC that in between the first two shootings at the dorms he sent NBC a package full of ramblings, videos and really disturning photos of him with guns, a hammer and a knife. It gave me the chills to see it. Click here to watch the video and see the photos: http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=925BC281-CE20-439E-9682-8CC58066B2BF&t=c3557&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_m_vatech&fg=>1=9246

What is wrong with people? Do they feel that isolated to want to shoot up whole classrooms of people? It appears he definately had some psychiatric problems. Psycho is what comes to my mind. One of the teachers even turned him in saying she was worried about his mental health and the safety of the students based on some disturbing material he had written in English class. Apparently he was evaluated, but noting was really done about it. I also read that he didn't only shoot these people once, but atleast 3 times each, which means he made a concious choice to shoot again and again and again. Ugh, this just makes me sick. I just pray for the victims and their families that they can make some sense of this and find peace someday. This is a horrible, horrible tragedy and the focus needs to be on the victims and their lives rather than a psychotic killer who orchestrated this terrible crime. I don't have the words to say anything else, I don't think there are any words, it's just a nightmare.

Moving on...Speaking of psych patients, yesterday was my last clinial at the psych facility and of 3rd semester...woo hoo. There were some patients who were afraid the shooter was going to come harm them...paranoia. In all reality though, this does make me terrified for my own kids in school. You just never know.... but I refuse to think of that.
I only have 4 micro classes left and 5 nursing classes left. Oh my goodness. In that time I have one more psych test and my final and in micro I have about 4 tests left, how is this possible? lol Anyway, it will be done and in about 2 weeks I will be finished and ready for summer. I'm excited to have my 14 week break and then I go back and have only 14 weeks of school and I'm finished for good. I can't imagine that yet, but I know it's coming. I'll write more later, but right now I just feel too depressed to be excited.

April 14, 2007

This is HI-Larious!

Check out Will Ferrell in this short film. It's sooo wrong on so many levels, but so funny just the same.

Also, what is wrong with Carson Daly? I know he lost weight and everything, but the guy looks like he's on crack or something. Hmm...

April 12, 2007

Psych Test I, New Photos and the Critical Care Challenge

Miranda, Chris and I at the Critical Care Challenge Tonight

What a week. There is so much to catch up on. First of all I had my micro test yesterday and I don't know how I did yet but I think I atleast passed with a 70% which is all I need. LOL I'll let ya know. I had my first psych test today. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Here is an actual example of one of the questions which wasn't a hard one, but a -why am I even being tested on this stupid shit?- kind of question. Ok here goes....

Jane has severe depression and hasn't taken care of her appearance in weeks. She has been wearing dirty clothes and her hair has been disheveled and unkepmt. A few days ago Jane started her new antidepressant medication and when she came to group therapy today she was wearing a clean dress and her hair was combed. What's the nurses best response to the situation?
A) "Look everyone, Jane is wearing a clean dress and she combed her hair today!"
B) "Jane, I can't believe you combed your hair and are wearing a clean dress, that's great!"
C) "Jane, I see you're wearing a clean dress and combed your hair today."
D) "Jane, you look wonderful!"

Ok...so yes this question isn't hard "persay" BUT my first choice was D, then I thought, I dunno about that one either. I swear I stared at this dumb arse question for 5 minutes. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew A was wrong because that's kind of rude. I knew B wasn't right because that's well, rude too. SO D started lookin' pretty good then I thought, well if you say to someone you look wonderful and they are depressesed they might think you didn't think they looked wonderful on the other days so I ended up choosing C because it validates her "non-verbal" behavior and leaves room for her to respond. I was right but these silly questions make me mad I tell ya.

SO I cannot believe it.....for studying for only one day I got a 93% on the test. That's an A fols. My third A on a nursing test this semester! How is this possible? This is the hardest semester of my LIFE! The Gods must be with me. I don't know how I'm pulling this off. There are a few that failed the test and I thought for sure that I did because it was so hard. You just never know. You can think you did fine and flunk and you can think you sucked an get an A. It's a toss in the bucket.

I had my clinical evaluation today and my clinical instructor Debbie said I needed a massage, like NOW! She said I appeared really stressed and she's right, I am. Although, I thought I was hiding it well. She told me it was written all over my face and that I needed to stop being too hard on myself because I was doing really well. Then I thought, you know, you're right I am doing well, why am I in such a tizzy? It just happens in nursing school I guess. No one else but your instructors and the classmates know what you're going through and that's a fact.

Tonight was our critical care challenge. You may not know what this is so I'll explain... All the nursing schools from the tri-state area and some of the hospitals get together and we have a face off of sorts. Who's the smartest and who know's more about critical care. Kinda like Jeopardy. It's a fun shindig where they feed us, play music, we get to unwind and interact with everyone and the most important part....we get two extra credit BONUS POINTS!!!!!! WOO HOO! I know what you're thinking....2 flippin' points??? For those of you in school, you know how important those 2 points can be and what they can mean to your grade. We NEVER get bonus points so it's a treat. Anyhow, we came in 2nd place...(we lost by 3 wrong answers) not bad considering 3 of the 5 schools involved were universities....and they think they're better than us....PFFFFT! We kicked butt. So I'm posting some pics and videos if I can figure out how. The vids are of our teachers....HILARIOUS! Blackmail! LOL

I got to thinking today about how bittersweet graduating will be. I know that I complain...A LOT, about school and how I cannot wait for it to be finished....BUT it will also be a sad day too. Think about it...I have been with these people for almost 2 years. We see eachother more than we see our families. Hell, we are family and it will be really odd not seeing them everyday. We're basically in a relationship. Atleast, it's longer than a lot of relationships. lol We've been through so much together. Highs, lows, you name it. They speak the same language I do and I really wish them all well once this is all said and done. I know the day of our pinning ceremony I will be a crying mess. I'm very sentimental anyway and to say goodbye to these people will choke me up. I'm not gonna lie. Not to mention it's a monumentous occasion for me. An achievement that I have fought very hard for. I better pack a bunch of tissues...dang. I have one semester left...that's 4 months....4 that's it and it's finished. This has been the ride of my life and I wouldn't take it back for anything. I don't know that other "degrees" offer the opportunity to get to know their classmates like nursing does. Well, maybe except for physicians...ha! Of course there have been moments where we've gotten on eachothers nerves, but we're all stressed out and atleast we can relate and understand those feelings. But the good days have outweighed the bad by far. I was looking at my classmates tonight and thinking about where they'd be a year from now. What specialty they would choose and how they would end up. We started with 32, we dwindled to 26 and I couldn't imagine myself with a better group of people. These memories will last a lifetime and you can't buy that. I just hope this isn't the end of these kind of experiences for me. I hope I continue to meet people as smart, funny, kind, quirky, silly and goofy as all of them. Listen to me, I sound as though I'm already finished and will be graduating next week. LOL I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm living in the moment and cherishing these times, even though they're hard. (Always live in the moment) I've never been challened as much as nursing school has challenged me. I have learned so much and although I complain about the instructors, it's always those who push me the most that I learn the most from. Many times I've been proven wrong about who they are. It's good to know when you've been wrong about people, especially when you find out they're not mean or evil, they just want you to succeed. I'm going to miss these instructors this semester a lot. Just as much as the students. MUAHHHHH and thank you for the wild ride.
Peace and love...
Tonya and I...on of my best friends at school :-)

My little buddy Stu

Ashley and Denise

Most of our whole class minus about 4.....I love them all :-)

My clinical instructor/teacher Debbie who acts just as crazy as us kids (she's deep in her cups. LOL)

Carol and I...one of my very best friends in the whole world!

One of our other 3rd semester instructors Marlena with some of my classmates

April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I watched my kids open their easter baskets then I hit the bed again. We're having our "official" Easter with the family next weekend so I guess I got sick at the right time. LOL You can always find something good out of something bad right?

Sorry I didn't post sooner. I'm just now feeling like a human being again. For the last few days I've been zombified and enslaved to my bed. I take one percocet and it knocks me out cold. Ugh! I am going to go to school tomorrow. I really don't quite feel up to the task, but it's the end of the semester and I cannot afford to miss class. You know how it goes. I have a test in Micro wednesday and a psych test in nursing on Thursday. I'm sure I've already said that, but oh well. I don't like having two tests that close together..it makes for a stressful week. As if I need any added stress. Quite frankly, I think the stress is what got my in this position to begin with. Anyhow, I have tried all day to study for my psych test, that's hard to do when you're in and out of conciousness. Ha! BUT I can't say I didn't give it a go anyway. I'm not banking on the best grade, but surely I'll pass. The material isn't too difficult, but we'll see. This is the first test from this instructor so I don't know her style, I hate that. I've heard her tests are pretty easy, we'll find out now won't we? I plan on studying for my micro test the morning of. I can't give it more time than that. If we fail we get to take it again anyway, so I'm not fretting about it too much.

To those of you who are about to start school (Margaret). First of all congratulations. You're about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Don't worry your pretty little head. Just be prepared. Know that it is challenging, but if you want it bad enough, then you will get through it. Some days you're going to wonder why you're putting yourself through the stress, other days you're going to smile to yourself and KNOW exaclty why. Just make sure to take care of yourself. I cannot tell you how many days all I had in my system was coffee and a bag of chips. It's a good idea to pack healthy snacks in your back pack so you're not forced to eat out of the vending machine. Apples, bananas, granola bars, water etc... You'll be envied by your classmates if you do this. While they're ashamedly (is that a word?) eating their cheetos you'll be eating your juicy apples and they'll wish they'd thought of it too. It's also important to make a plan! I cannot stress this enough. Schedule your study times. It's the best thing I've done. That way you won't feel the guilt when you're picking up your house or doing laundry because you know you've set aside time to study. On the subject of housework. DO NOT feel guilt if your house in is shambles. Your kids, if you have any, your husband, if you have one, and school is your first priority. Have them help too. I love a clean house as much as the next person, but I had to let my controlling ways go and just plan for breaks and free weekends to do the chores. It's hard to do, but you have to prioritize. Also, don't be ashamed to ask for help or hire a cleaning service. I did, I hired my mom and pay her every week to help with laundry and she sometimes even cooks up a meal for us....what a good mommy. Yes, I'm 31 and my mom helps me clean my room....so what? LOL Believe me, she loves the extra spending money and it works out for everyone all around. I don't have her come on my breaks and after I'm finished her job will be complete, but it has been a tremendous weight lifted off of us. In a family of 6 you gotta do what you gotta do. Buy a digital recorder. It will save your life. These people are cramming a lot of material in a short amount of time. You will miss most of what they say if you're taking notes so use your recorder as a reference. I use to listen to the whole thing, it did help, but it's time consuming. Go with works best with you and stick with it. You'll find out after the first couple of tests what works for you. Note cards don't help me unless it's definitional stuff. I usually re-wrote all of my notes and organized them. If you decide to do this, try and get caught up every night. It's hard to do, but will save you so much time and you'll have more time to study the material. Making notes is what takes the most time for me. They give you handouts, you have your book, and you'll have your notes. Putting it all together in one place helps the material make more sense. Don't freak out if you get a bad grade. Just try harder next time. My 1st semester was the worst for me. I made C's straight through and only missed 4 on the final and got a B in the class. LOL Getting use to the nursing tests takes practice. It wouldn't hurt to by a book of nursing questions that can help you get comfortable with them. They say they aren't tricky, but they lie because they are. LOL There are usually two right answers and you have to pick the BEST right answer. Remember the ABC's Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Airway takes priority over everything. If the circulation isn't working, that's bad, but if they don't have a patent airway they'll die so that intervention has to come first before the others. Also remember that the number one way to prevent the spread of infection is.....HANDWASHING! It's usually the right answer. He he. Don't be too hard on yourself, you can't be perfect all of the time and there are going to be days when you'll wonder if you can do it. Make a friend and support eachother. It's always helps to have someone close to you that knows what you're going through. You can do it...use that as your mantra. Don't give up and good luck!!!!

Until next time....

April 7, 2007

Renal Calculi Sucks

So, the last few days I've noticed my kidneys were hurting. I knew what it was....kidney stones. I get them a lot. A lot more than one person should anyway. I always know when they're coming on and I was praying it wouldn't start until the end of the semester. I went to the local urgent care and told the nurse practitioner that I have a history of stones. All she did was a urinalysis and told me I had a raging UTI. I knew I had more than that. I kept telling her that it was in my kidneys, NOT in my BLADDER! Arg. She wouldn't listen to me. She didn't do an x-ray or anything. So I got my antibiotic and my pyridium (for bladder spasms) and left. I told her I was in serious pain. Did she not notice the tears rolling down my face? She must not have becuse she didn't give me anything for the pain. I think a lot of healthcare providers think that everyone is after narcotics therefore they don't want to give them to you. I AM NOT A DRUG SEEKER!!!! I just wanted something to help. So I took the meds as soon as I got home and then I started feeling the worst pain of my life. It was worse than childbirth, worse than anything I'd ever felt. SO guess what? Off to the ER I went. I prayed the whole way there that I wouldn't die before I got there because that is what it felt like...I was dying. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain. I never once cried when giving birth to my 4 boys and I was bawling last night. I knew I had no choice but to go to the emergency room. They gave me morphine, toradol and phenergan at once. I was pretty much knocked out, and am still feeling the effects right now. So if this doesn't make sense I'm sorry. ;-) They did a CT scan and found that I indeed did have kidney stones, lots of them, but they weren't obstructing anything, thank goodness and I have a horrible kidney infection. THey did prescribe me some pain medicine, but since I have a test next week I'll not take it unless I can't handle the pain anymore. The er doc couldn't believe this practitioner sent me away without anything for pain and he said she didn't even give me enough of the antibiotic. I'm so mad at her. I really want to call her up and tell her exactly how angry I am that she didn't give me anything for my pain and that she didn't listen to me when I told her it was my kidneys. SHe acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. I know where my kidneys are and I know that they hurt. Arg! Anyway, I probably won't call her because frankly my head isn't all there to argue, but eventually I'll let her know.

Moving on....they changed our test date from Monday to Thursday. I hope I'm able to study this weekend. I'm not sure I'm in the right state of mind to remember anything. Ha. I'll write more later...gotta go take more meds now...

April 4, 2007

There's Light At The End Of The Tunnel

April is here..wow. The spring has come on fast this year. I looked out my window today and noticed the trees were green. When did that happen? Did everything bloom overnight? I can't believe we're coming onto the end of the semester. My calendar says only 25 more days...can I last that long? The end of the semester is a grueling time. It's as though we're playing catch up and trying to cram everything in last minute. We have yet to take out 1st psych test, it's next Monday and I've been so busy I haven't been able to study yet. I hope this weekend is enough time for that because that's all the time I'll have. We had out 2nd psych clinical yesterday. This time I was in the low functioning end of the adult unit. I don't want to say that they were crazy b/c that wouldn't be appropriate, BUT some of those people has really lost their minds....literally. It was an energy sucking atmosphere. I almost found myself slipping into their dark hole right along with them. The crying, screaming, pacing, mumbling incoherant speeches, hearing voices, hallucinations, catatonic states.....what a bummer. I feel for those people. The mind is a mystery and to feel hopeless that you can't be helped has to be the shittiest feeling in the world. When you're physically ill you can most of the time be helped, but when you're mentally ill it's all about trial and error really. To be trapped in your mind and not be aware of reality must be a terrible way to live...ugh. I couldn't take it.

I have to have my last pre-req by this summer...humanities. Luckily I got signed up for an online Intro To Music course so it should be pretty cake. Apparently we listen to music and talk about it....it shouldn't be bad. No I won't get the summer completely off, but as long as I'm not taking a nursing course it's ok with me. Words of advice for those of you who haven't started nursing school....FINISH YOUR PRE-REQ'S FIRST!!!!!!!!! It will save you stress and heartache, it's extremly difficult to juggle both. I'm the testament to that. Damn. Micro is going ok, I'm making a high B. I don't put any effort in the class at all, I haven't the energy for it. I'm surprised I'm passing at all. I took today off from that class. I needed a break and need to catch up on my assignments. Hopefully I get it all caught up today so I can move onto the next thing tommorow. It's crunch time and you've got to do all you can to stay above water. I can't wait for summer. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I am more than ready.

Until next time....