April 23, 2007

Tests, Tests and More Tests

The next couple of weeks are going to be very hectic. I have 6 tests in the next week and a half so my posts will be sparse indeed. I will probably be very stressed as I usually am when a test is coming up. Ugh. This time of the semester is always so crazy. I have a very small A in nursing now. And I mean small. An A is a 91% and I have a 91.7 I believe. I'm fairly certain I will not walk away this semester with an A, so I'm hoping for a B atleast. In Micro, I'm not so sure. I'm hoping for atleast a B so my GPA doesn't go down too much. As of right now my GPA is 3.7 something, not too bad I guess. Well, I'd love to catch up with you all, but I must be going. I'll write back as soon as possible and update you on how my tests are going. Good luck to everyone during finals week!
Until next time....


RN Someday said...

Cristy - good luck with all of that. I had my final today. I have 2 weeks off (from school, not work) then back at it. Fluid and electrolytes for me.... woohoo - can hardly wait. Let us know how it all goes.