April 18, 2007


I'm feeling really sad today thinking about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I just read on MSNBC that in between the first two shootings at the dorms he sent NBC a package full of ramblings, videos and really disturning photos of him with guns, a hammer and a knife. It gave me the chills to see it. Click here to watch the video and see the photos: http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=925BC281-CE20-439E-9682-8CC58066B2BF&t=c3557&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_m_vatech&fg=>1=9246

What is wrong with people? Do they feel that isolated to want to shoot up whole classrooms of people? It appears he definately had some psychiatric problems. Psycho is what comes to my mind. One of the teachers even turned him in saying she was worried about his mental health and the safety of the students based on some disturbing material he had written in English class. Apparently he was evaluated, but noting was really done about it. I also read that he didn't only shoot these people once, but atleast 3 times each, which means he made a concious choice to shoot again and again and again. Ugh, this just makes me sick. I just pray for the victims and their families that they can make some sense of this and find peace someday. This is a horrible, horrible tragedy and the focus needs to be on the victims and their lives rather than a psychotic killer who orchestrated this terrible crime. I don't have the words to say anything else, I don't think there are any words, it's just a nightmare.

Moving on...Speaking of psych patients, yesterday was my last clinial at the psych facility and of 3rd semester...woo hoo. There were some patients who were afraid the shooter was going to come harm them...paranoia. In all reality though, this does make me terrified for my own kids in school. You just never know.... but I refuse to think of that.
I only have 4 micro classes left and 5 nursing classes left. Oh my goodness. In that time I have one more psych test and my final and in micro I have about 4 tests left, how is this possible? lol Anyway, it will be done and in about 2 weeks I will be finished and ready for summer. I'm excited to have my 14 week break and then I go back and have only 14 weeks of school and I'm finished for good. I can't imagine that yet, but I know it's coming. I'll write more later, but right now I just feel too depressed to be excited.