April 12, 2007

Psych Test I, New Photos and the Critical Care Challenge

Miranda, Chris and I at the Critical Care Challenge Tonight

What a week. There is so much to catch up on. First of all I had my micro test yesterday and I don't know how I did yet but I think I atleast passed with a 70% which is all I need. LOL I'll let ya know. I had my first psych test today. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Here is an actual example of one of the questions which wasn't a hard one, but a -why am I even being tested on this stupid shit?- kind of question. Ok here goes....

Jane has severe depression and hasn't taken care of her appearance in weeks. She has been wearing dirty clothes and her hair has been disheveled and unkepmt. A few days ago Jane started her new antidepressant medication and when she came to group therapy today she was wearing a clean dress and her hair was combed. What's the nurses best response to the situation?
A) "Look everyone, Jane is wearing a clean dress and she combed her hair today!"
B) "Jane, I can't believe you combed your hair and are wearing a clean dress, that's great!"
C) "Jane, I see you're wearing a clean dress and combed your hair today."
D) "Jane, you look wonderful!"

Ok...so yes this question isn't hard "persay" BUT my first choice was D, then I thought, I dunno about that one either. I swear I stared at this dumb arse question for 5 minutes. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew A was wrong because that's kind of rude. I knew B wasn't right because that's well, rude too. SO D started lookin' pretty good then I thought, well if you say to someone you look wonderful and they are depressesed they might think you didn't think they looked wonderful on the other days so I ended up choosing C because it validates her "non-verbal" behavior and leaves room for her to respond. I was right but these silly questions make me mad I tell ya.

SO I cannot believe it.....for studying for only one day I got a 93% on the test. That's an A fols. My third A on a nursing test this semester! How is this possible? This is the hardest semester of my LIFE! The Gods must be with me. I don't know how I'm pulling this off. There are a few that failed the test and I thought for sure that I did because it was so hard. You just never know. You can think you did fine and flunk and you can think you sucked an get an A. It's a toss in the bucket.

I had my clinical evaluation today and my clinical instructor Debbie said I needed a massage, like NOW! She said I appeared really stressed and she's right, I am. Although, I thought I was hiding it well. She told me it was written all over my face and that I needed to stop being too hard on myself because I was doing really well. Then I thought, you know, you're right I am doing well, why am I in such a tizzy? It just happens in nursing school I guess. No one else but your instructors and the classmates know what you're going through and that's a fact.

Tonight was our critical care challenge. You may not know what this is so I'll explain... All the nursing schools from the tri-state area and some of the hospitals get together and we have a face off of sorts. Who's the smartest and who know's more about critical care. Kinda like Jeopardy. It's a fun shindig where they feed us, play music, we get to unwind and interact with everyone and the most important part....we get two extra credit BONUS POINTS!!!!!! WOO HOO! I know what you're thinking....2 flippin' points??? For those of you in school, you know how important those 2 points can be and what they can mean to your grade. We NEVER get bonus points so it's a treat. Anyhow, we came in 2nd place...(we lost by 3 wrong answers) not bad considering 3 of the 5 schools involved were universities....and they think they're better than us....PFFFFT! We kicked butt. So I'm posting some pics and videos if I can figure out how. The vids are of our teachers....HILARIOUS! Blackmail! LOL

I got to thinking today about how bittersweet graduating will be. I know that I complain...A LOT, about school and how I cannot wait for it to be finished....BUT it will also be a sad day too. Think about it...I have been with these people for almost 2 years. We see eachother more than we see our families. Hell, we are family and it will be really odd not seeing them everyday. We're basically in a relationship. Atleast, it's longer than a lot of relationships. lol We've been through so much together. Highs, lows, you name it. They speak the same language I do and I really wish them all well once this is all said and done. I know the day of our pinning ceremony I will be a crying mess. I'm very sentimental anyway and to say goodbye to these people will choke me up. I'm not gonna lie. Not to mention it's a monumentous occasion for me. An achievement that I have fought very hard for. I better pack a bunch of tissues...dang. I have one semester left...that's 4 months....4 that's it and it's finished. This has been the ride of my life and I wouldn't take it back for anything. I don't know that other "degrees" offer the opportunity to get to know their classmates like nursing does. Well, maybe except for physicians...ha! Of course there have been moments where we've gotten on eachothers nerves, but we're all stressed out and atleast we can relate and understand those feelings. But the good days have outweighed the bad by far. I was looking at my classmates tonight and thinking about where they'd be a year from now. What specialty they would choose and how they would end up. We started with 32, we dwindled to 26 and I couldn't imagine myself with a better group of people. These memories will last a lifetime and you can't buy that. I just hope this isn't the end of these kind of experiences for me. I hope I continue to meet people as smart, funny, kind, quirky, silly and goofy as all of them. Listen to me, I sound as though I'm already finished and will be graduating next week. LOL I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm living in the moment and cherishing these times, even though they're hard. (Always live in the moment) I've never been challened as much as nursing school has challenged me. I have learned so much and although I complain about the instructors, it's always those who push me the most that I learn the most from. Many times I've been proven wrong about who they are. It's good to know when you've been wrong about people, especially when you find out they're not mean or evil, they just want you to succeed. I'm going to miss these instructors this semester a lot. Just as much as the students. MUAHHHHH and thank you for the wild ride.
Peace and love...
Tonya and I...on of my best friends at school :-)

My little buddy Stu

Ashley and Denise

Most of our whole class minus about 4.....I love them all :-)

My clinical instructor/teacher Debbie who acts just as crazy as us kids (she's deep in her cups. LOL)

Carol and I...one of my very best friends in the whole world!

One of our other 3rd semester instructors Marlena with some of my classmates


RN Someday said...

Oh Christy - Your post reminded me of my massage school days. I still keep in touch with my classmates from massage school - most of them anyway. It was a way learning experience for me and one that I will never forget. I am hoping that nursing school will be the same. My last clinical is tomorrow and the way my school works, I will have a different group next semester. I am very sad about leaving my clinical group. They are awesome and I have posted about them. Lately, we have been behaving badly and going out after clinical and having a few beers. I think we might tomorrow night too. I plan to take some pics and make some memories. Glad to hear you have had such a great experience.

Soulshine ....RN to be (hopefully) said...

We change our clinical groups every semester also, although we usually have some of the same. I've found that I like each group as much as the last. It's all about getting to know your other classmates. I know it's sad, but you'll make a lot more friends and bond with those people. Enjoy nursing school, if that's possible, LOL, because it's over in a flash. I can't believe I'm already 3 semesters in....dang. Definately post some pics. I've been reading your site and will post a comment soon. Keep up the good work!