October 13, 2006

Peace out Denny Duquette

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and had to comment on it. First of all what's with the story that Dr. Burke grabbed Dr. McDreamy by the throat...in real life on the set? That is seriously dissapointing. I hope this doesn't cause either of them to quit, that would really suck.

I thought last night's show was great. It felt like our old Grey's. My favorite moments...Merideth being drugged up on Morphine embarassing George, poor George. I'm glad he and Callie are calling it quits though...he just doesn't love her. You can't make someone love you Callie!!!! Merideth saying she had all her boyfriends in the room. Ha ha ha. That was cute. I was so sad to hear Denny's voice again. I just loved him so much and when she opened that envelope with that check for 8.7 million dollars I about died! I was starting to get really angry though when his dad implied she was only after his money. GRR! But all was well with that in the end. Who could be a more perfect man than Denny? No one...that's why I'm still mad he's off the show. Moments I didn't like....Derrick telling Merideth he was letting her go. After all of that you're letting her go to be with the better guy? Yes, it's probably what he should do because it's the right thing, but make up your damn mind! Then Merideth let Finn AKA McVet go because she knew in her heart she woulnd't ever feel the way about him that she does about Dr. Sheppard. Sigh! Goodbye Finn....it was fun while it lasted. Now what? Merideth and Derrick go back to the loving looks across the room, the hospital bed trysts, the flirty back and forth banter? I hope they take this is a good direction because we're ready for some changes. What's with McCocky McSteamy? Is he arrogant or what? I was kinda mad that he treated Alex like that, even though I always thought Alex was the most arrogant of all the interns. McSteamy is definately the cockiest of all. I'm tellin' ya, Alex is going to give up the plastics and go for the va-jay-jays...I know it. I wonder if he and Addison will hook up. Hmm....speaking of our dear Addy...I thought it was cute how Addison took up for Merideth and as soon as she told him (Sheppard)not to hurt Mer he waltzes in and does exactly that. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! McSteamy and Callie hook-up...totally unexpected, but what is expected on this show? I'd like to see how that plays out. Is she going to become all obsessed with him too? I can't wait to see Izzy back on the floor. She needs to be there because that's where she belongs. Now that Derrick gave up Merideth I think the show will get interesting. I can't wait to see how it unfolds. Until next week....