October 15, 2006

Ghost Hunters

One of my favorite shows is Ghost Hunters which airs on the Sci Fi network on Wednesday nights. I absolutlely LUV it. For those of you who don't watch, it's a "reality" show that follows a group of investigators from New England trying to "debunk" hauntings. What I love about this show is that it isn't all cheesy like that other haunted show where some become posessed and all of that other fake malarchy. These guys are ligit, they're trying to disprove that places are haunted and most of the time they do disprove it and find other reasons for the supposed sights, sounds, smells etc... A lot of the time, they don't find it isn't haunted and those shows and their evidence is proven and legitimate. It's awesome. The 2 main investigators Jason and Grant who formed TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) began their ghost hunting investigations because of separate unexplained experiences they had of their own. They're both best friends who work for Roto Rooter as plummers so they use that expertise to debunk a lot of investigations that are caused by gas leaks and pipe issues that I don't know anything about. Ha. The show is aweome and I think anyone who likes paranormal things like I do will love this show. One of the shows that sent chills up my spine was the lighthouse show in St. Augustime Florida. You can actually hear a woman's voice say "help me" and you can see an apparition lean over the balcony..it's wild. On Halloween theyre having a 6 hour live broadcast in the real Shining Hotel which is said to be haunted. They've been there before and it is really creepy. So check it out. The show is also funny because of the chemistry between the investigators and you get to know a little about their lives. So watch and enjoy. I'll be posting my thoughts on the show on Thursdays. You can see a lot of video footage from the show on the sci fi networks's website and at the official TAPS site.


Drofen said...

AAAAHHHH! I love this show too! My wife hates scary things like this, so the only time I ever get to watch it is when she's at work...and then I have to go to bed all by myself...I've totally freaked myself out a couple times and totally couldn't get to sleep. hhahaha!