November 6, 2006

Trick -or- Tweak

So... it's been like forever since I've posted and a lot has happened. We had our cardio I exam and I made a B, then we had our cardio II exam and I made a B again. We had our second math exam and guess what I made? Yet another B. B...B...B... What can I say..I'm just average. Needless to say I think for NSG 202 I'll come out with a B. I don't ever see myself getting an A in any nursing class and that's ok with me. I don't know how your program is set up, but ours is one big ol' class. We don't have separate grades for pharmacology and etc...ours is all on one test and that's that. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I think the last skill we had was trach care and suctioning. I passed both...shew! Our next skill, which is on Friday is central line dressing. It should be a piece of cake. I mean how hard can it be to remove and apply a dressing right?

In case you're wondering... that is me pictured on this post. I thought the picture was cool so I posted it. I usually hate...I mean hate photos of myself, which is why I never have any...this is the rare exception. I need photoshop. You know those celebrities don't look like they do in real life like they do in their pictures don't you? If you don't believe me there are several websites dedicated to before and after photos so google them and check em out. When I'm feeling really down and ugly I always look at their before pictures. It makes me feel better to know they are just like everyone else... Us! Wrinkled, blemished, imperfect. Hooray! For a while I thought they were aliens from some celestial planet where everyone had perfect skin and hair. Whatever.

I hope you had a good Halloween. It was cold here, but it was good. Nothing like getting candy to make you feel good. It's really odd though when you think about it. Knocking on strangers doors and begging for candy. Actually I had a lady, I think that's what she was because honestly it was a little hard to tell if she was a she or a he. Anyway, they asked me for money so she/he could get their diabetic medicine. Now, normally I'm a charitable kinda gal. I don't judge and I'm not a hater, but when someome comes and knocks on you door and is looking all paranoid, and acting really peculiar my first thought isn't that they need money for some insulin...if you know what I mean. This was on Halloween by the way, in the middle of the day when I was alone, which made it all the more odd and creepy. I didn't know if it was trick-or-treat or trick-or-tweak, cause this person was surely on somethin', I don't know what, but it wasn't good. I didn't give her any money, for one I had none, two I wouldn't do it anyway. When I told her I didn't have any and perhaps she should try the local health department she had the nerve to give me a dirty look. How rude! Needless to say, I was a little freaked out and kept my door locked until the kiddies came out later that night.

Jim Morrison was right...people are strange. Everyday I encounter some weird person. I live very near to a public park and let me tell you all the freaks come out at night. Tree huggers...literally, 16 and 60 year old pot smokers, 13 year old kids on their bikes at 10 pm with babies on their laps, one weird man who stares at the kids all day...I got my eye on him, people having affairs and oh believe me you can tell who they are. They act just as paranoid as the crack head who came to my door. (NO JUDGEMENT!) There is just always some strange walkin' around. My husband and I treat it as entertainment. Some of them come around like clockwork. "Come on honey, it's almost 11. Tree huggin' Mary should be on her way." He he he.

Grey's Anatomy was awesome this week. I'm beginning to love Alex more and more. I thought it was so funny how he was standing in the window eating that apple eaves dropping on Callie and McSteamy's conversation. His face just cracked me up! Will Bailey figure Christina out and what will she do? She knows what happened the last time she caught one of her interns doing the unethical on the job (Izzie and love) now she'll be forced to out Christina...or won't she??? Hmmmm.....this will make for some interesting television. I feel sorry for Bailey right now. Thinking that everyone thinks she's an incompitent doctor because of what happened with Izzie. Surely she can't let yet another intern get away with "murder" will she? Bailey knows now after she saw Christina writing on Burke's surgery board. So she's forced to make a decision. Shame on Dr. Burke for letting Bailey believe he didn't want her in his surgery. Shame, shame!! Shame on Burke for allowing Christina to cover for him to save his own ass. Frankly, after what he did to McDreamy (grabbing him by the neck) in real life and how he outed George in real life (calling him a f*g) I just don't like his character anymore. Pbbbblllllllltttt on him!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO on Isaiah Washington AKA Dr. Burke!!! He's still hot though, can't change that. I think he'll kill someone because his hand isn't right and he'll be booted for using an intern to perform his surgeries and then ABC can write him off the show. Good riddance...sorry to all those Burke fans out there.

Poor little Izzie feeling all left out. I'm dying to know what she's going to do with all of that money. It had to be hard for her to have Merideth as her boss and for Merideth to be so bossy made it even worse. Yes Merideth was given a watch over Izzie..BUT...Merideth is her friend and her roomate and so what if she talked to a patient...who's going to tell? If Mer is a good friend she'll let some things slide and not be so suck upy. Is that a word? No it's not, but it is now. ;-)

George...he just wasn't ready to "catch" Callie even thought he was chasing her was he? Poor George. That's all I can say. He just doesn't know what he wants. Ham and eggs George, Ham and eggs!! Are you the chicken or the pig?

I knew that Alex was going to love the Gynie Squad. I think he'd make an awesome baby doctor...awww.

I think McDreamy made the right move about taking some time. He really needs it. His sister really was McBitchy too. I love how he told her about Addison and he told her to finish her dinner and shut up....basically. LOL. Loved it!!!!!!!!

Well..I'll try not to wait so long to post next time. As if you all are waiting with bated breath right?

Till' next time.......Peace, love and happy nursing.