April 13, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Wow....how long has it been since I blogged? I'm such a bad blogger these days aren't I? My excuse? I've been sleeping. That is all I do now that I work nights...sleep and when I'm not sleeping, I'm dreaming about sleeping. Working 3 nights for 13 hours, yes 13, will wear your body down, so I decided to go part-time and will only be working 2 nights a week soon and cannot wait. Can I also mention how nice it is to be a real professional and get a real paycheck? I'm loving that part of it. It's nice to make good money and really earn it.

My job is hard. I'm on a general surgery floor. General meaning most of the surgeries are GI...lots of colon resections, fem-pops, cholectomys, appendectomies etc. Mostly older people. I have used every skill that I have ever learned and love that aspect of it. It's very stressful and I'm not sure I'm cut out for the floor, it's definately not my passion, but once I put my time in...a year, I will look for another floor. One where I'm not so stressed at the end of the day.

Just wanted to throw out a quick update to let you all know I'm still alive. Let me know how school is going ok?

Promise to clog again very soon with something much more interesting....


RNstudentCat said...

Hey Christy,
Nice to see something on your blog, I check here frequently, you are after all the one who inspired me to blog my first year of NSchool.

I was wondering how you working nights could manage your family/kids I keep thinking of this myself wondering if I will manage.


Christy ~ RN to be said...

Hello....I am back to the blog. Thanks for the comments. Check out my new blog for updates. :)

Peace and love.