June 11, 2007

Goodbye Sopranos

So, I watched the Soprano's season finale and I thought it sucked...kinda, but maybe not. We are led to believe that something major will happen to the Soprano's family in the finale. We already know that Silvio is almost dead, Bobby was shot, Phil was killed then accidentally crushed by his own car...eeewwww. It's a New Jersey vs' New York killing spree. So, we know that something is bound to happen to Tony or Carmella, or one of his kids. All of the foreshadowing leads us to believe this but....In the final scene Tony walks into a diner he looks around at the people to see if anyone looks suspicious. He puts a quarter in the juke box and plays Don't stop Believin' by Journey. As this song blasts in the background, Carmella walks in and your assume something may happen to her, then AJ comes in right after a suspicious looking fellow who the audience believes may be the one that's going to start shooting up some people...namely someone in the Soprano fam. Then we see Meadow on the street trying unsuccessfully to parallel park her car. We assume she may get hit by a car, or hit by a mobster...something...b/c she keeps trying and trying and she just can't seem to get her damn car parked. Finally..she runs into the restaurant to meet her family and as the door bell chimes her entrance, Tony looks up, the music is at the "don't stop" part and it cuts to black. End of show. Forever!

Before this, when Tony walks into the restaurant he sees himself sitting at the booth before he sits down...weird. I don't get it. I didn't see this until I replayed the scene. Thank you DVR. Also, before Meadow walks in, suspicious looking man goes to the bathroom which just happens to be right next to Tony's table. Did he walk out and kill Tony right as Meadow walks in the restaurant? Some say the reason it cut to black was b/c this may have been the last thing Tony see's before he dies. I dunno..it's all too artsy fartsy for me. Is he freakin' dead or not? There was a lot of foreshadowing that Tony would die soon. Especially when he went to Vegas and did peyote in the desert and thought he saw God. I thought that was a big clue...but I guess everyone on peyote sees God when they're in the desert, well except for Jim Morrison, he just saw that old indian man and a man who looked like the devil, but whatever.

David Chase, the creator, never was one to tie up loose ends, which I guess it what kept us watching, in real life are the loose ends always tied up? No, but there is stuff I wanna know. And what was with that cat staring at Chrissy's picture in the episode? He just sat there...staring. Was is Christopher reincarnated? Was is Adriana getting the last laugh? What was the stinkin' point? Wasting a whole 10 minutes of the finale on a cat.... pffft. I'm sure there was some symbolic significance there, but I didn't see it. Paulie was freaked out by the cat, he wanted to kill it but Tony wouldn't let him. Speaking of Paulie Walnuts...how did he end up alive? Could we really trust him?? He seemed a little shady huh? I felt bad for Paulie when he spilled his guts to Tone about seeing the Virgin Mary and Tony mocked him...If I remember correctly, after Tony was shot previously, he tried explaining his own near death experience to ppl (remember the monks?)and got no sympathy. They all just looked uncomfortable and changed the subject. You'd think Tony would understand...guess not...or maybe all of these near death experiences was a sign and Tony was the one uncomfortable. He knew something was coming. This last season was about his spiritual awareness and he tried to ignore it, but God wouldn't let him would he? If Tony is dead, did he go to hell? Carmella always said he would...

Guess we'll never really know what happened unless they make a movie, which I can see, but they've practically whacked all the main characters so who knows. Well, goodbye to an epic television show, arguably the best show in history.

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