June 12, 2007

Show me the monaaaay!

I am currently writing a 500 word essay for a nursing scholarship. Actually, I'm just staring at a blank document in Word, but I'm trying. I have no idea what to say. I must have writers block, or non-writers block since I'm not a writer. Or would I just have block? Anyway, I can normally bs a paper with the best of them...but I'm blank. I have to tell why I'm a good candidate, tell a little about myself, why I chose to go to nursing school, what my goals are blah blah. I'm devoid of any self glorification at the moment. I can't even think how to begin the essay. Hi....I'm Christy, I want your money, I need your money and I'll even write a paper with exactly 500 words to get it. Here goes........
That's not a good starting point huh?

Why I want to become a nurse? Hmmm, good question...you'd think I'd know this answer by now wouldn't you?
What are my goals? Well, past school I hadn't really thought about goals. My goal is to graduate and after that...
Tell us about yourself... Getting a little personal aren't ya? Would you like for me to start at the beginning? Because I think it's going to take more than 500 words.
What skills do you have? Let me grab the thesaurus and I'll give you some.

Really, who is going to say that they suck? No one, so why not just get my transcripts and let the grades speak for themselves? I'm worthy damnit, but because my mind has been fried from too much summertime fun I cannot come up with one good answer why I deserve your money. I mean, this scholarship is a contract stating that I will work for you in 6 months for your generous offer. That's what you want isn't it? Fresh meat? Fresh green, dear in the headlight looking, meat? That's me! So, let's cut out the chitty chat and get down to business. I need money, you got money. I can work, you're going to make me. Deal complete. See, we're all happy now....

I had better get back to this essay... so far my ideas are crap. ARG! And just incase there is anyone on the scholarship committee reading this...just kiddin'.

p.s Ideas are welcome!

EDIT: Here is a rough draft...I know, super cheese, but it's all true and I was encouraged to list all of my good qualities. My husband may debate a few of these ...ha! I know the end is kinda cut off, but I was at my word limit. Anyway...I guess this is what I'm turning in, hope it's ok.

Why I am Seeking a Career in Nursing and My Goals upon Completion of the Program

The decision to go back to college and become a nurse is one I had contemplated for a long time. As a married, thirty-one year old mother of four boys, I had little time to devote to my own education. Before making the commitment to return to school, I worked as a medical secretary and assistant. My compassion for others and my desire to gain more knowledge is what prompted me to choose a career in nursing. Once the time was right, I took a leap of faith and went back to college to pursue my personal and professional goals.
Balancing family and education was a challenge, but one that I welcomed. It has taught me how to prioritize my time and to polish my organizational skills. I have also learned that you can attain success with hard work and determination, regardless of the obstacles. After attending (BLEEP) as a full-time student for over a year, I applied to (BLEEP) nursing program while holding a 4.0 GPA. I was accepted for the RN program upon my first application. I began Nursing 101 in the Spring of 2006 and am coming upon my fourth and final semester in August of this year. Since school began, I have dedicated all of myself to the nursing program and its demands. I am a member of (BLEEP), NSNA, the National Honor Society and was just awarded the Dean’s List Award in the Spring 2007.
I want to become a nurse so that I can utilize the skills I have acquired from my education and personal life and apply them in my professional career. Being a mother of four has taught me patience and empathy, both traits I feel are important in healthcare. I have also learned how important it is to work as a team, but to also have strong leadership qualities and independence. I feel I have good communication skills and have experience interacting with a wide variety of people. I have the sense of mind to not be judgmental and have obtained the critical thinking skills to perform under pressure. I believe I am a good candidate for the (BLEEP) Education Assistance Scholarship Program because I take my role as a student and as a future nurse seriously. I always try to put forth my best effort to give the quality of care that the patients’ deserve. I know how important of a career I am undertaking and I want to give it the utmost respect it also deserves.
After graduation this December, my goals are to find my niche in a field that matches my personality and will be fulfilling and rewarding. I would like a career in OB, so that I may care for others the way I was cared for.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Christy (BLEEP)