June 29, 2007

Dr. Burke is a Jerk!

Hi everyone. Haven't had much to post about the last few days. Now that baseball season is over for us I've done a lot of nothing. Well, nothing exciting enough to write on the blog about atleast. I do want to mention Isaiah Washington getting fired fron Grey's Anatomy and it's about damn time he did too! Here is why I believe he should have been fired. 1) He grabbed Patrick Dempsey by the throat and told him he wasn't his "faggot" like TR Knight. 2) He called TR Knight a faggot and basically outed him to the ENTIRE WORLD! 3) He denied saying he called TR Knight a "faggot" at the Golden Globes...in front of those who actually heard him say it (LIAR) 4) He seemed like a real asshole.

Now he is going around to all of the media outlets whining like a big ole baby that he was "wronged" and TR (George) should have been fired and not him. He stating that he was fired because of his race and saying some people just can't handle it when he isn't saying things like "Yessa Massa Sir and No, Sir Massa" to everyone. WHAT!!???!!! Who in the hell does he think he is whenever the woman who hired him (Shonda Rhimes) is a strong, African American woman and more than half the cast is racially diverse?? What a whacko! Read this article if you're interested in more of his tirades: http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=267322>1=7703

He should be fired because he layed his hate mongering hands on another person AT WORK, on the set of the most popular tv show, while making BANK MONEY, and not only slandered one man, but a whole community of people. Don Imus was fired for his nasty comments, why shouldn't Washington be as well? Well, he was and guess what? He knows he ruined his OWN reputation and no one is going to want to work with someone so self righteous, arrogant, and looking to cause trouble. Black, white, purple or green, it doesn't matter..hate is hate and he needs to shut the hell up and stop blaming everyone else for his mistakes. I'm all for freedome of speech, BUT he was at work when this happened and I know if I grabbed someone by the throat while at work I'd be escorted off of the property PRONTO. What makes him think he shouldn't have been? It just goes to show that all of the public apologies was just a facade. If he was truly sorry he wouldn't still be opening his big traitorous, biggoted mouth. THERE, I ranted and now I'll shut my own mouth about that. :0)

I have been playing the Sims 2 for a couple of days. Anyone else play this time consuming game? I used to play it a lot and haven't for a year or two because it just takes too much time. One minute you're creating a family, the next minute you're building their house, and the next minute it's been 420 minutes and you had no idea you'd been sitting in the same spot for hours, save the fact that your back feels like hell. Anyway, the Sims 2 is like crack. It's addicting as hell and the Sim people look so real it's a little freaky. The fun part is you can download loads of fun stuff for your game such as celebs:

Homes or... er Castles:

The possibilities are endless in the game. For instance you can make two people fall in love or hate eachother, fight, scratch eachothers eyes out. Be slovenly pigs, neat freaks, have house fires, give birth, get married, grow old, die, haunt your house, get fat, go to college, get a job, get your kids taken away (LOL), adopt pets, have twins, throw parties, drive your Fararri (or Chevette) to the city and dance at a club, go on a date to a fancy restaurant, shop at the mall....I mean the list goes on and on. It's over-freakin-whelming I'm tellin' ya! It is a fun game, make no mistake, but gosh dang it anyway, it's as addicting as hell! Don't play it unless you have a lot of free time on your hands because you'll end up doing things such as this person did: Don't worry...I'm not this obsessed: