August 7, 2007

I Have My Legs!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, it's hot out. It feels like an oven outside. You know it's hot when you can't even cool off in a swimming pool. Ugh. I hate the heat. It makes me feel tired, lazy and irritable, but I won't complain, because atleast I'm alive and can feel heat. I'm trying to think more positive these days, it always makes a bad situation seem not as desperate. As my girlfriend Heather always says when I complain... "Atleast you have your legs." She's right. What can I possibly complain about when I have legs? We do tend to take a lot for granted.

I actually have a lot to be thankful for this week. My son is recovering after a long bout of illness. My youngest son has been really sick. We took him to the doctor and they've run about a gazillion tests on him and didn't know what was wrong. They started throwing out some possibilites that we definately didn't want to hear, which got me so upset that the last few days I've walked around in a depressing funk, worrying, crying, feeling terrified. BUT, the latest bloodwork shows it's improving and the word now is that he caught some nasty, unknown virus that managed to change the nature of his cells, mainly his WBC's that dropped way below normal. But they are slowly and steadily climbing and the possibility of him having a life changing illness has passed. He is now eating, having bm's, being active and has practically returned to his old self. We are so thankful that he is getting better. He has more bloodwork to do next week just to follow up, but the doctor says he's in the clear. They did an Epstein Barr Virus test(chronic mono) on him to see if that might be what he contracted, but we won't find out until a week. If it is mono, i'll be glad, it's better than other things. Never thought I'd be happy to hear that my child had mono before, but I guess when the possibility is something worse, anything else sounds good. So, thank you Lord for watching over our family and being so gracious.

I am really blessed. My children are all healthy, we have a nice home, I have a good marriage, we have bright futures and many great things to look forward to. So what if we cannot afford all of the things we want, so what if sometimes we argue about stupid crap, who cares if the trash didn't get taken out...Life is good and I think we forget how lucky we are in the midst of all of our chaos. There are many families who have sick children and I will never understand why God would put them through such trials. The feeling of finding out that you have a terminally ill child must be the worst news a parent could hear. I can't imagine, or even pretend to.... I just know that I am thankful every day when I wake up and hear my kids voices and see them squabble about silly things. At least I have the ears to hear and eyes to see and the legs to walk over to them and tell them to hush up. LOL So the next time you find yourself getting upset about something trivial just remind yourself that atleast you have your legs and it will make it all better.


RN Someday said...

Good advice Christy - I'll have to remember that. I've been in a wierd funk this week - end of the semester and all - it's been a tough one - had to deal with some really difficult personalities this semester. So glad it is almost over.

Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

Well, atleast you're at the end and you'll soon have a break. We have a few of those "personalities" in my class as well. Just focus on yourself and you'll get through it. When is your semester over and when do you go back again? How much further do you have to go before you graduate? I'd hate to have class all summer. :0(