August 14, 2007

One More Week--BLAURGH!

Before I get into the whole nursing school chitty chat I want to share something, or someone rather, that I found on You Tube. I heard this song "Umbrella" played on a tv show tonight, but it wasn't Rhianna singing it and I must say I didn't like the song before, but I really like this girl's voice and her version of the song. Her voice is bea-u-tiful. Her name is Marie (pronounced mar-ee-aye)Digby and she sings cover songs, posts them on You Tube and I think she's awesome. I'm addicted to her voice already. I smell undiscovered talent..... Funny, she's singing in the loo. Take a whiff:

Is she awesome or what? I think I'm her new biggest fan. You tube is a good thing.

Nothing new to report on the school front other than I ventured up to the hill today and finished buying my books, paying for my insurance, testing fees and what not. Just being on campus made me feel a little sick. I ran into a few of my classmates who all seemed excited and ready to get back to school. I think they're smoking crack. They should get help.

I still have a lot to do before Monday and I hate that I procrastinated and didn't do these things BEFORE NOW. Tomorrow night I'm attending a prenatal class for one bonus point. One. I'll probably need it, that point. Atleast they have a cheese and fruit tray there. Incentives.

I ran into a few of my teachers was good to see them. I feel so comfortable around them, which I suppose is because you're around them more than your own family. Let me repharase that...I feel comfortable around some of them. ;-) I did run into Nurse Ratchet from Nursing 101 in the hall. She pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose, as she always has, giving off the air of smelling something putrid as she said "hi". Lady has some serious stick up her arse if ya ask me. Sorry. Some instructors loathe students, which makes me wonder...why? Why teach if you don't like your pupils or other members of the human race? I remember having her during lecture and I couldn't focus on what she was saying because I was too busy watching her snarling smile through gritted teeth. Shiver. If she'd look my way I'd hastily seem overtly interested in my textbook. Hmm...interesting photo of a man's enlarged spotted testicles. Speaking of...who are these people that allow their private areas, most of the time horribly mangled and diseased, to be a part of our books? God love em for their contribution to our education, but good gravy no!

I cannot reiterate enough how happy I am that this is my last semester of school, or that I'm dreading it something fierce. Perhaps when I'm closer to the end I will feel better. Hopefully it will go by quickly. I'm ready to be DONE. OVER. I'm ready to work again and get my freakin' head out of a book. I want to get my hands dirty and to feel productive and useful. It will be nice to have a normal existance. Working 3 days a week and being able to have play time on my days off instead of study time. What I'm looking forward to the most about not being a nursing student anymore is the fact that I won't have to study!!!!!!!!! Of course I'll always be reading up and continuing my knowledge, but oh the joys of not having an exam will be like heaven. No more skills, no more books, no more instructors smarmy looks.