February 11, 2008

I'm Going to Disney World!

Starting a new job is always difficult, whether it's something you have a degree in or if you're a Piggly Wiggley grocery bagger. Learning everything is a battle and can make you feel quite stupid for a while...especially in healthcare when there are so many rules.
Rule Number 1- Know what the different dr's like or else you may get chewed up and spit out.
Number 2- If you don't know...ASK!
Number 3- double check everything, then double check it again.
Number 4- Don't assume you know anything, because you don't know Jack.
Number 5- Throw out everything you learned in nursing school, it doesn't apply here. Number 6- The pt isn't always right, but you have to pretend like they are
Number 7- No matter what nastiness lies underneath the dressing...don't make a face, no matter how bad you want to.
Number 8- Don't ever just 'wing' it.
Number 9- Don't take everything someone says and go with it..some people don't know any more than you do.
Number 10- Be careful what you say. If you don't know something, don't pretend like you do.

Damn, all those rules make me a bit paranoid and those are just a few little things.
I go back to work tonight and am apprehensive...like I said, until I'm comfortable work will probably seem like the fire pits of Hell. Currently I am a little too warm.

I recommend someone getting a job at a hospital prior to becoming a nurse for the simple reason to know what's going on. Not only am I trying to learn the job of a nurse and all the responsability that goes along with it, but I'm also learning the job of the ward clerk, CNA, shrink & teacher. Nurses wear many hats and you will have to use all of them at some point. I have already. I've already had to call a code too, a code Green that is...SECURITY! Life on the night shift is a crazy one. Lots of sundowning happens and when it's a full moon....forgetaboutit! I have 3 pt's to myself tonight...I'll let you know how it goes...so far I've done so much:
Trach care, suctioning, NG irrigation, IV starts, dressing changes, administering blood products, TURPS...who knew that all those skills I learned I would actually use? Hmm..I guess all the stress wasn't for nothing. It's a lot different when you're doing it on a REAL person because when you're suctioning them...THEY CAN'T BREATHE! The mannequin, AKA Pat, never made a face when I suctioned his trach...what a crappy mannequin he was. Pfft!

On a good note....my son Aidan got apporved for Make-A-Wish and in July we're going to Disney World on his request! To visit the website go to: www.wish.org We're so excited for him and the other boys too. It's an all expense paid trip complete with air-fair, lodging, car rental, VIP Disney passes (meaning we can cut in line-WHOO HOO!), and they give us spending money too. We NEED a vacation soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aidan really deserves this and we couldn't be happier for him than we are right now. To make it extra sweet, for Valentines Day my husband bought me my dream camera...a Canon 350 xt digital SLR! I'm so excited I can't even express it. I will be able to take a lot of great photos at Disney and those kinf of moments are priceless to me. I am just now getting back into taking photos and using my creativity. It's been so stifled over the past few years and it feels good to be able to enjoy a hobby for a change. I'm also loving me some Photoshop too!