February 10, 2008

Finally...I found some time to write a little blog

My poor widdle bitty bwog has been so negwected! Sorry folks for the long lapse. I've been too busy to blog honestly. If anyone out there still cares I just finished taking the Hurst Review for the Nclex. It was a good review in my opinion. She covered every system on the short version, the 'what you need to know for Nclex" version. I am going to pick up the book on Monday and start cracking. I'm so unmotivated lately! I just wish I could say I was an RN already and be done with it, but alas I cannot. I think my lack of motivation comes from the fact that the amount of info I'm going to have to re-cover is heinous, plus I'm just scared shitless. Several ppl in my class have already taken the NCLEX and passed, it almost adds more pressure on those of us who haven't taken it. Oy! It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it so let's move on shall we?

I'm so sad about Heath Ledger. OBVIOUSLY I didn't know him, but he was so young and beautiful and it's such a tragedy. I watched Brokeback Mountain recently, as my little tribute to him, and can I just say it is one of the most beautiful movies I have EVER seen...ever. Jack Twist and Innis Del Mar are some of the most in depth characters I ever had the pleasure to watch on screen. Some people are turned off cause it's obviously about a couple of gay cowboys, but it isn't really about that. It's a love story and it goes through so many emotions. Jake and Heath's performances were AMAZING...I'm just sad he's gone. The end of the movie....UGH...when he buttons the button on Jack
shirt then holds it to him...I cried like a big baby complete with hiccups and everything! His memorial service was beautiful....all of his family and friends, including ex wife Michelle Williams, all ran into the ocean at sunset..fully dressed...and played in the surf in his memory....awww! I think he would have liked that, atleast I know if it were me I would have liked it. :-)
Here's a little video tribute in honor of him:

Starting March 3rd I'm on my own at work and I'm scared. 5 patients all on my own...I don't feel at all ready for it, but I guess the only way to do it is to just jump in with both feet. So far work is going good. Some nights I leave thinking I made a mistake, other nights I'm sure it's where I am suppose to be. Until I'm confident in my abilities I will probably keep walking that line and I think it will be a very looooong time before I get there. I'll keep you updated on how it's going. Also check Aidan's site (see to your left for the link) for updates on him...he's doing really well :-) :-) :-)

Peace and Love,