October 22, 2008

I Am In Love....

I have a confession to make...I am in love with another man and his name is Barack "Steve" Obama. Please don't tell my husband as he isn't a big fan of hope, progress and change. (he he-snicker) I love Barack and everything he stands for. I love his charisma, passion, sense of justice, policies, courage, grace, humility, diplomacy, patriotism, brilliance, his wife and his 2 adorable girls....I just love him, I do. It's not because I am a democrat, which I am, it's not because everyone loves him, and most do, and it isn't because I am on the "band wagon". I think he is honestly one of THE best choices for a Presidential candidate that this country has ever seen in history. When I see him on TV or on the Internet I have to do a double take. I want to listen to every word he has to say. I am listening and he has my attention.

I feel he is honest, has an incredible amount of integrity (Washington can take lessons!!!) and is intelligent enough to deal with any foreign leader and invade Iran or Afghanistan if needed for the RIGHT reasons and in the RIGHT way. Not only that, but the man is such an inspiration to me. His background and upbringing never dictated his circumstances. He chose to be the man he is. He believed in his self and achieved so much against unbelievable odds. That says so much about his character and measure as a man. He is the image of the American dream and I admire him so much. :-)

Like he said...no, he wasn't born in a manger, but on the planet Krypton (ha ha)....ya know, I can almost believe that. lol

Honestly though, I take this election so seriously and have really done my research and weighed the candidates and have come to this conclusion based on the fact that we share the same wants, beliefs and dreams for the country. Not because I am not a republican. I am open minded enough to know not to vote for someone just based on my party's beliefs, religion or race. Although, I know SOOO many who do that. I'm not one of them. I also know many republicans who are sick and tired of things and are voting for Obama....it will be the first time they have crossed their party's lines. Wow, that's saying something. I had a pt the other night who was talking politics and she said she was voting for McCain because Obama was a terrorist and a Muslim. (!!!!!!!) I bit my tongue so hard that it hurt for a few days. Even if he was a Muslim... and he isn't...so what? It's the Taliban and other extremists that have tainted the Muslim religion. Get real people. It is that close minded, bible belt, good ole boy attitude that has caused us to be in many of the situations we are in now. They voted Bush and look where we are. Regardless of my feelings, I still gave her good care (obviously), it just brought to light that sooo many people believe a lot of the malarkey that they read...and that, my friends, is scary and damaging to his campaign....much like the Ayers scandal. It is blown out of proportion and lots of people believe he is a communist. It's ridiculous to me that people believe everything they read.

I am not trying to sway anyone ;), I'm just telling you what I believe and feel, as this is my blog and I have freedom of speech...AMEN! The country is so divided and just plain messed up right now and if we don't take a stand and DO SOMETHING (VOTE) then we will have more of the same and as you can see folks....it isn't working and it down right scares the shit out of me. People all the time say....Bush may be aggressive, but he's kept our country safe since 9/11. Well, he has, but he sure didn't keep us safe enough from it happening in the first place, now did he? I will never be convinced that it was an attack that the gov't knew nothing about. They know everything...those "big brothers" of ours. Pfft. They may not have known when...but they knew it was coming.

As Barack said at a speech, (not verbatim), that he may have not been in Washington long, but he's been there long enough to know that it needs a change. I think he is that change. A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! There is just something about the man....something that cannot be taught or learned and that is his sense of leadership. I'd follow him anywhere because I trust in him. He has an energy and a passion about America that I have never seen.

John McCain is a great American hero. He deserves the utmost respect from any citizen and he has it from me 100%, but that doesn't make him qualified to be President either. He agrees with 90% of Bush's policies...the same man that has screwed over our whole entire country. The big dumb ass. Ugh. I like John McCain, I just don't like his politics. It's time for something new. Out with the "old", I say. And Sarah Palin...Golly Gee, Wally, Let's have Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber over for some moose steak and shoot up some animals and talk about "that one" and how he pals around with terrorists and (GASP!) Oprah okee? (Wink, wink. Done in my worst Palin impersonation). There are no words for that woman. Their own party is turning against them...I've never seen anything like it. Sigh.

As Barack said... and I quote..."There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! There is not a black America, a white America, A Latino America, an Asian America, there is the United States of America!" There is no divide in his eyes. We are more alike than we are divided aren't we? We must work together to be one America and Barack Obama is "the one" to make that happen. Yes he's an idealist and dreamer. What's wrong with that? Where would any of us be without our dreams? Isn't hope, faith and dreams what gets us through our days? It's what we strive for. Without it our lives would be meaningless. I like ideas and diplomacy, especially since we haven't seen it in our government for years.

Wow...I sound so impassioned and guess what....I AM! :) I just want to see some change. I'm ready for it, the whole world is ready. We need it. This is a dangerous and scary time in our lives...what of our future? The future of our children and grandchildren? He believes in the needs of the real Americans...that is you and I...not just Washington and the upper class. We have a voice and we have to use it. I am so tired of the government deciding my life and the lives of the people. ARG. LOL

Just make sure you vote, whatever your beliefs. This election is so important. Also...check your facts. Don't rely on campaign ads or Fox news. lol Check out this website... www.factcheck.org It's a nonpartisan site that researches the facts and gives them straight. It's a good resource if you have questions. Anyhow...I've ranted and raved long enough and I hope that on November 4th you go out and vote. Be proactive. Stand up for what you believe in. :) Can we make it happen? YES WE CAN! :-)

Peace and much love,