October 26, 2008

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Meet Cam:

Cam is my bestest friend, my source of inspiration, my lover and my closest confidante. I could hug him and squeeze him and kiss him and just keep him with me forever and ever. Cam goes with my where ever I go, he's my buddy. Cam is my most beloved camera. My graduation gift....the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 350D.

I love photography and have wanted a digital SLR since before they existed and now I have one. ( jumping up and down with glee) I got him in December. I just wish I had more time to play with him. I still haven't learned all of his ins and outs, but will sit down for a major study session very soon. (keep your dirty thoughts in check people)

I believe some new photos are in order. Here are just a few that I like. I have thousands from our trip, but that would take forever. I haven't uploaded any new photos on here in ages...so check out some of my and Cam's work below: p.s....the reason there are so many of my youngest is because he doesn't run screaming everytime I bring Cam out to play. Ha. Also...how difficult is it to take vacation photos without getting some tourists big ole head in the frame? Let me answer that......VERY!

Click on the image for a larger view.

This is a picture of my son and I at Daytona Beach during his Make-A-Wish trip.
At the airport.

On top of my new camera...I also got something else I love with all my big, red beating heart....Photoshop CS4!!!
Below are some things I created using PS by blending images and using paintbrushes. Check-check-check em out:

Before, a picture of a forest that I found on the internet:

After: It's very whimsical. I wanted it to look as though she was scooped up and taken from home. Poor little fairy. he he he he.

One of my regular beach photos from Daytona-Before:

After: How fun! It's Goonie-ish. I added the pirate ship (obviously) by blending it into my normal picture. I also added the clouds with my paintbrushes.

I made this using only paintbrushes, meaning it's a painting, no images were used. It was fun to make. I imagined a place where I'd love to be...and voila! On a hill at sunset, she's probably daydreaming or something. LOL @ myself. You can laugh at me too...it's ok.

Added plane and lighting...

Used paintbrushes only. I love this and am proud of it. :) It's much more detailed up close.

This makes me laugh...but I like the colors.

My homage to Sex and the City:

Just because:

Well, I hope you liked some of my photos. Have a fantastic day... and go do something creative!


Kirsten S said...

Finally someone who understands what it's like to love a small metal guy that does nothing else other than to try and make you happy! Do your older boys run and hide when they see you and Cam coming? ALL my guys do!

Drofen said...

You'll love your XT--that was the camera I started with. I've got a 40d now, and my wife has my old XT. It's a great little camera--a lot of times we just bring it along, it's so much smaller and handier than my 40d.

Drofen said...

Ha! Luckily I've got girls, so they love having their pictures taken. :)