December 10, 2006

The time has come

It's the end of second semester and I couldn't be happier. This semester has been I'm studying for my final (comprehensive) exam and looking back on all we've done and I'm amazed at the amount of material we have learned. IV's, Trach care, NG tube, Central line dressing, blood administration, cardio, respiratory, ortho, lower GI, endocrine, diabetes and on and on and on. This semester was difficult, but I believe I'm coming away with a B. I'm fine with that. Getting an A in nursing school is incredible hard so I'll settle with my B thank you very much. Our final is tomorrow and I'm so tired of studying I thought I'd catch up on my blog. Tomorrow is the last day of school !! WOOT! Well, at least until January 18th...waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! :-( I'm going to get caught up on my housework. Lord knows it needs some deep cleaning. I'm going to spend time with my family and just enjoy the holidays and my free time. Next semester will be the most challenging yet. Not only will I be in NSG 203 (OMG!) I'll also be taking Medical Micro. Here is what my schedule looks like:

Monday: 10:20-12:20 Nsg Lecture
1:00- 4:00 Micro Lecture
Tuesday: no school

Wednesday: 10:20-12:20 NSG lab
1:00 - 4:15 Micro Lec and Lab
Thursday : 6:30-4:30 clinical
Friday: 10:20- 12:20 NSG Lecture

I wanted the Tuesday off in between my crazy Mon/Wed schedule. I hope this is something I can's going to be hard doing both, but hey I took A&P I with 1st semester and I did fine so we'll see. One good skills in NSG 203...yay!
Next semester out clinical is on the neuro and renal floors. Should be interesting...I hope. It seemed like yesterday when I was beginning 1st semester, I was all skeered and anxious...he he he. Now I'm a pro and I see the little freshman come in looking scared and hopeful and I can't help but smile. They have no idea what's coming at them. I still think 1st semester is the hardest so far, only because it's new and you're trying to get organized and use to the grind. 2nd semester was definitely hard, the material was harder for sure, but 1st semester has all the Nurse Ratchet teachers...glad I don't have them anymore. Well guys, I hope all my fellow nursing students did well this semester and for those who are just about ready to begin let me give you some valuable advice.... don't get behind, manage your time, try to take deep will be over soon and one other thing, enjoy it, you'll never have an experience like this again!
Peace for now...