December 15, 2006

You either love it or hate it

You know how when you go on My Space to visit a friend's site and before you know it hours have passed and you've looked up everyone you've ever known and more likely than not they're on there? I love looking up the ex's. They're the most fun to look up because it helps you remember why you aren't with them anymore. I once dated a guy who refurbished Volkswagen Vans for a living. He still does it, I'm sure it's a very lucrative career. I remember our break up like it was yesterday. Everything was fine then BAM, no phone calls, no nothing and we were together for a
couple of years. He was out of my life as quick as he entered it. I had heard he joined a commune somewhere and is living off the land. I saw him about a year ago and he was hitting on me...the nerve of some people. It felt great to turn my back and walk away and never turn back. I also saw a lot of people I went to high school with.
Most of them haven't changed a bit. That is why I don't go to reunions. I have several friends from high school that I still speak to regularly. Why do I want to go to a reunion to see people I didn't like back then? Maybe I'll attend my 20th, we'll see.

As I was reading many of the My Space pages I noticed a lot of them had their likes and dislikes and I thought..hey what a great idea so I'm going to post mine. Ok....where to begin...let's start with the positive shall we?

What I like:
Getting hugs from my kids
Falling in love
Reading a fantastic book
Laughing till I cry
Deep conversation
Laying in the sun
People who are chill
Being alone
FLowers...especially daisies, orchids and lilacs
Seeing my kids smile
Passionate people
Peter Gabriel's song In Your Eyes
The Allman Brother's Soulshine (obviously)
Passing nursing school
Open minds
Road trips
Warm towels
Clean sheets
A fridge full of food
Teaching my children
A voice full of soul
Rainy days
Tie Dying t-shirts
A good cry
Hearing my husband's voice
Good manners
A great photograph
Connecting with my spirit
Meeting new people
Traveling to places I haven't been
Intelligent people
Cozy fires
Hot baths
Being silent
My groovy music
Dancing to my groovy music
Caring for others
The colors white, blue, green and brown
A great kiss
Heartfelt moments
Being silly
Laughing at myself
Talking on the phone with friends
Learning new things
Feeling young and alive
Having money in my pocket
Shopping without guilt
Reading gossip mags
Looking into someones eyes and knowing they love you

Things I hate:
Rude people
People who make fun of the disabled or mentally challenged (GRRRR)
When one of my son's are sick
Chewing with your mouth open
Getting bad grades when I studied
The colors orange, hot pink and mustard
Closed minds
Drunken stupid people
Being broke
People who can't drive
Feeling stuck
People who want you to listen to their beliefs but won't listen to yours
People who are uptight
Movies about Satan
Feeling sick and tired
Being alone
Plane crashes
Anything with ketchup on it
The sound of a ringing phone
Bills in the mailbox
Dirty dishes
Cave crickets
The end of a good book
Getting older
Feeling older
Not being good enough
Not getting enough sleep
Feeling hopeless
Not being heard
Not feeling validated
Punishing my kids
Marilyn Manson
Potty training
Being misunderstood
Waiting a week for my favorite show
Checking my email
Sending email
Dirty teeth
Feeling fat
Having buyers remorse
Feeling neglected
Bill O'Reilly
Paris Hilton
An empty fridge
and finally...I hate hate