March 1, 2008


I take the NCLEX this coming week....I'm so nervous that I've been tachy, had GI distress, heart palpitations and I need a xanax ASA freakin' P! Everyone that I've told'll be 'fine'. How in the hell do they know? If I don't know if I'll do well, then how does anyone else? I admit it...I'm scared out of my mind. I don't feel ready, can't think straight because of the anxiety and just don't know what to do with myself. I feel like my head is going to explode with all of the info I've been cramming in it. HELP!

Everyone has passed except one person and I feel so bad for them I could cry. I have this sinking feeling that I will be in their shoes....UGH!

(Don't read further if you are just starting nursing school!)
If I knew that nursing school was going to cause this much stress I might not have done it. Ever since ns I have become a changed woman....a majorly stressed out, OCD germaphobe freak. How do you learn 2 years worth of material at once and how does someone sit down for THE most important exam of their life and be cool, calm and collected? I don't have any of the answers (literally!).

I've been praying, but it isn't helping. I've tried deep breathing and the like...NADA. I'm just nervous as all get out. I know this sounds so silly, but just wait until it's your time to take this test....then you'll understand...yes you will. Sigh.

I'm trying to think positive, but it's hard when you feel unprepared. The thing do you prepare for this? For the next few days before the test I am doing nothing but questions....questions and questions until I puke knowledge.

So far I've covered med-surg, psych, maternity, delegation and I need to complete peds. So far I feel like I don't remember anything I read. Normal lab values....PFFT! Unless they are the most common....forgetaboutit! Anything I would have to memorize...stages of labor, Erickson's, growth and ain't happening. I haven't the patience. GUess we'll find out soon enough how well I do...

Just say a prayer....not that I pass, but that I'm calm enough on test day to even think about what the questions are asking, because right now...I can barely even type.

Ok...enough of my rant. Hope all is well ;-)


Heather said...

Hey good luck! And i know what you mean about ns stress. I left a horrid stressful school. I'm not in a ns that I LOVE. It's still hard work, but the teachers don't feed off the bones of the failing students. come by and visit me. :) Heather

RN Someday said...

Christy - good luck and hugs. I know it has to be scary and I will be in September when I take the dreaded NCLEX. Keep us posted! Hope your babe is better and out of the hospital.