May 26, 2009

AI Finale

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Memorial weekend. I spent it attending a couple of neighborhood cookouts and drinking some ice cold beer. I've had so much BBQ that I wouldn't be surprised if I shot smoke from my behind. LOL

I need to backtrack a little bit and comment on the American Idol finale. Personally, I was hoping Adam would win, even though Kris plays more to my style of music and I love, love, love some of his performances so much. Adam is clearly the most talented of the whole bunch, in my opinion. His range is crazy good. A lot of people said that he was screaming, I disagree wholeheartedly. That pitch was so high that us humans rarely hear it, (lol) I think it may have sounded like screaming to some, when in reality he was hitting notes that most accomplished singers could never reach. Maybe we should ask out dogs what they think. Ha ha. What is so freakish about Adam's voice is that he could sing low tones and extremely high tones very, very well. He has the range of an entire scale of notes....bizarre, rare, special. It is the perfect example of a voice being used as an instrument and Lordy, did he have a fine tuned instrument!

I always got cold chills when Adam would sing, that is how I knew how gifted he truly is.
Do I think that he lost because he's flamboyant at times and gay and perhaps the Christian vote went to Kris? Yes. Do I think he lost because he got Danny's votes? Yes. Do I think he lost because maybe he was just a little too much for the general public? Yes! Do I think that Kris is talented and also deserve to win? Yes. They're both so different, there is no way to compare them. Adam was far out of everyone's league and is probably out of the league of many well known artists today. He is just different and some people just don't like anything that isn't straight and narrow. I, however love all things that go against the grain, that are crooked and different, but I've always known I was an underdog, so to speak, therefore I guess I always root for them too. :)

I'm not sure how successful Kris's career will be. I hope for him that they find amazing songs that allows him to ad his own creative fingerprint. Kris is definitely creative and knows how to change up a song and make it his own. Hopefully his career is managed well and he doesn't slip down the drain like some in the past have. I'm not sure he has that "it" factor, but I look forward to hearing his new album.

Adam's career will soar through the roof. Whether it's through an album or on Broadway, that boy will be so successful it's not even funny. I think he's ready for it too. I think he's self aware enough to know the business, what he wants to do, what he likes and how to make it universal enough to draw many different types of fans. I know he has the voice of a Rock God, but I'm not sure that's his flavor of music. It will be interesting to see what they do with him. I can't wait. It's really a blessing that he didn't win, because he's going to have much more creative freedom now and I can't imagine anyone ever putting Adam in a mold.

Onto my next question....why on Earth is Opey Taylor drinkin' Goose that's got him feelin' loose in da club with Jamie Foxx? Anyone?