May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Hate

All of the media storm right now seems to be focused on the Gosselin family. Reports of..He's cheating, she's cheating and their marriage is "falling apart". Hmmm. I've said this before...I can barely stand Kate Gosselin. I use to love the show, but as it progressed it seemed her true personality of a major control freak leaked through the cracks and in the last 2 seasons, she just couldn't hide who she really was anymore. She came across(to me) as a self important b*tch who feels entitled to everything just because she has 8 kids! Woopidy Doo! The way she constantly demeans her husband is just downright RUDE and ugly! She undermines every move he makes and everything the poor guy said. Once she even criticised the way he was breathing! She's constantly correcting his grammar because it didn't appeal to the 'little miss smarty pants'. She thinks that she is always right and he is always wrong and it just rubbed me the wrong way. You can literally see him sinking into the back of that sofa at times to avoid her evil wonky eye.

Perhaps he got sick and tired of being berated on national television. She practically emasculated him in every episode. I understand she's stressed and has to hold it together and that he's more passive and laid back, but if she would have just given up some of the decisions to him, let go of a little of that control, maybe she wouldn't be as stressed as she was. Just let loose sister! Stop trying to control every damn thing! ARGH!

As the episodes wore on, you could feel the tension and see the resentment forming on both sides, even the episode where they renewed their vows. They stated that they wanted to document their child's lives and to have videos of their growth, but I'm afraid the videos/shows were to their demise because what the kids will really see is their parents marriage falling apart. Sad. I feel so badly for those children. If they can't hold back their feelings for each other on TV, imagine what it must be like behind closed doors. Ugh.

After watching last night's episode (season 5 opener), It's apparent that the core of the issue is that Kate wanted to do the show and Jon really didn't and from that brought on a host of deeper rooted issues. She has gotten everything she's wanted...a big, beautiful new home, trips to the spa, new designer clothes, plastic surgery, book deals, meet and greets with celebs, free vacations....she seems like nothing but a greedy, self involved woman who needs to stop the damn show and focus on the family that she claims to care so much about. We know about the sextuplets now. When is it time to stop taping and get back to REAL reality?

It was said on last night's show that Jon stays home with the kids while she's gone to do book signings and talk shows. I'm sure Jon has a big hand in all of this, but for some reason, it's him and the kids I feel sorry for and I don't feel bad a bit for her. I just don't see why I should feel bad for Kate. I know it's rumored he cheated, which always sucks, but you can't help but see why he would. She's Kate-Zilla, always ready to tear him down at every opportunity. Sexy.

For the sake of their kids, I hope they are seeking counseling and can go back to why they got married in the first place and find those feelings towards one another again, but I doubt it. Too much seems to have happened. Sometimes there is no turning back, sadly. I am most concerned for the kids. In last night's episodes, one of the little girls hugged Jon and said she missed him and that she wished he wouldn't go away again. You could really feel the pain there. He seemed so beaten down. Watching someones life fall apart is always heartbreaking, especially when there are kids involved, and 8 is even worse. Sigh. It's like watching a train wreck. I take back what I said, I feel badly for all of them, even her. No one should ever suffer through divorce, but somehow, I think if anyone will come away the least wounded, I think it will be her.

I think you can only hide behind a facade for so long until eventually the facade erodes and unfortunately for them, we get to watch it happen. I hope they decide not to go further with this show, for the kids sake. Good luck to them all.