May 19, 2009

Like a Moth to a Flame

Hello my people. (For some reason I pictured myself giving the Queen's trademark wave just then.) How is everyone? I took a little breather from blogging and the internet for a bit and I come back a little different than I left you. What's so different, you ask? My house is much cleaner. :) A clean home makes me happy. I like order, tidiness and the domesticity of nesting. I'm a nester and I reveled in the simplicity of it, but I'm over it now. ;) Like a moth to a flame, a needle to a vein, I couldn't stay away too long. Ha!

In the midst of my 'internet vacation' I managed to read a few books, which were very good and I think everyone should read them in their lifetime. They are all the work of Miss Jane Austen, whom I admire so very much. First, I read Pride & Prejudice (for the second time). I also read Persuasion (my new fav) and Sense and Sensability. She really is a remarkable writer with such a fantastic insight on human behavior and character. I see all of her books as character studies and she seems to have been a keen observer to write the way she did. My eyes were opened by her particular perceptions of people and how they are dictated by their sense of feeling, situation and general manner. The plots are also at times very complex as every character is interwoven in the beautiful fabric of her creative writing and sharp mind. She is above and beyond her time. Bravo to her! I will revisit her books time and time again. They are simply beautiful. :)

Another way I passed my time away from the BIG, BAD INTERNET was to work. I really love my job so far. I am a little discouraged, but only by the feelings any new job brings out in someone. Insecurity and lack of confidence. It's never easy starting something new, but I am giving myself time to adapt and hope that time and experience will work out all the kinks.

Aside from that, all is as it has always been.


LivingDeadNurse said...

I really should take one of those "internet breaks" myself. Besides homework...i have a few books i would like to read. I love Jane austin too..pride and preduice is my fav. I bought a book that has all of her collections in it. I haven't read persuasion yet.

Give the job some time you will build up your confidence and job should start to be better.

have a great day!