September 15, 2006


Today was uneventful. I had class from 8:00 am until noon. We went over more respiratory stuff that was really cool but really hard to understand. ABG's (arterial blood gases)......what a pain in my butt. My instructor talks so fast I can't keep up in my notes. I was sitting there wishing I had a digital recorder then as if he read my mind my husband calls me on my way home and informs me he bought me one as a surprise. Awww....sweet.

My husband and I went and did something stupid...we got 2 puppies. As if I don't have enough to do right? Well, my darling dog Wrigley and my best friend's dog Tasha got their groove on and she got pregnant and had 6 puppies. Of course I wanted one so Wrigley could have a playmate. He seemed so lonely and what's one more dog? I fell in love with the little girl you see in the photo and my dh fell in love with one of her brothers (i'll post a photo soon). So we got both....really smart. I have no idea what their names will be. If I let my kids name them they would be called Coco Puff or something so that is out of the question. I'm thinking Molly for the girl because she just looks like one and I have nothing for the boy yet. Oh well...hopefully we can call them something other than puppy by the end of the weekend.

Until next time...