September 9, 2006

My first official blog

So how exactly do you write your first blog? Who are you talking to and who is listening? Rather...who is reading? Truth is..I don't know because I have never done this before. But I do know that I feel a little silly sitting here typing as if I'm writing a letter to an audience. Who is the audience? Maybe it's someone like me. Someone who finds themselves sitting, sometimes for hours, caught up in the lives of people they don't even know. Cyber Soaps, as I like to call them. Maybe it's no one. Only words and thoughts floating around in html land. Either way, it is me documenting my thoughts and hopefully something I'll have forever to keep and reflect upon. Hmm...I could go on with these questions and thoughts forever or I could stop pondering and begin introducing myself.

I'm a wife, a mom and a student nurse. I'm in my second semester of a 2 year ADN program and believe I am slowly going insane bit by bit. You would think that being in college would make you smarter, but I feel as if the more I cram into my brain tha stupider I git. Maybe my tiny brain just can't retain any more information. It's like it's on overload and it's trying to vomit out the excess. I just don't feel I can retain anything like I use to. Maybe it's because I'm getting old. I just turned 31. Yeah, I know, I know ..."that's not old". me it is ancient. I'm washed up, a has been, a fossil. Alright, maybe that is a little dramatic but I have a phobia of aging. I think it's because I have fear of dying. I know what you're thinking..."you picked the wrong career choice honey." Maybe that is why I picked this career. I want to know anything and everything I can to be prepared and to feel as if I'm in control of my body. Hmmm....interesting theory.

Anyway... I love my husband, even though he drives me a little crazy at times I can overlook it because he's a good, supportive guy who busts his butt to make sure I can stay in school and fulfill my dream. My kids are great. They bring me so much joy everyday and they are the real reason I am going to school. They are all boys. I live in a household of testosterone and let me tell you I have learned a lot about boys after being around them for so long. THEY'RE GROSS!!! Nothing has changed since grade school.

I'm a very analytical person, incase you haven't noticed, I'm a Virgo. Holla to the other Virgo's out there!!! Hmmm...what else about me ...I love photography. It is my absolute passion in life. I've loved it since I was a little girl and I will be in love with it until I die. I can't think of anything else right now because I'm so tired and I realize I've just be rambling on and on, which is another thing about me....I don't know when to stop.

So there you have it first blog. I promie my next one will be about nursing school...because I know that you can't wait to hear about it. (wink)

Until next time...........

Peace out!