September 26, 2006

Hodge Podge

I decided to catch up on a few things that I haven't had time to do earlier. 1st I had my second clinical day last Thursday. Yes I was still a little scattered, but I did feel a little better than last time. I wasn't as in shock this time when I had to give shots or give an IV push. lol It kind of felt natural...funny huh? Maybe I'm starting to feel all nursey or something. Yes, I know, I'm a looooong way from having that RN behind my name, God willing. I don't graduate until December 07'. That really isn't that far away, but when you're in nursing school it will feel like a century. My patient was awesome. Awesome personality, awesome spirit, just awesome. She had a history of COPD, a MI (heart attack) many years ago, type II diabtes, she also has asthma and was admitted for pneumonia. Oh..and guess what? She's a smoker. I'm a smoker (will be quitting December 2007 mind you) so I feel like a big ol' hypocrite for telling someone to stop smoking, BUT if I had asthma, pneumonia and all the other stuff I think it would motivate me to quit. BLECH!!! Anyway, she and I had a big talk about smoking and I got her to put on a patch before she left to subside her cravings. Yay me. For any smokers who have been in the hospital for a know how bad you want a ciggy when you get out. I know I did. She did say she was done with the cigs and she was on the patch from now on. I hope she really tries. It's difficult.

Smoking is as hard to quit as crack. At least that's what I've heard. In the famous words of Whitney Houston...Crack is Whack. So in my own famous words...Smoking is Smack. Take that Whitney! Smoking is the most addictive thing. Damn you Phillip Morris! Of course I quit when I was pregnant with my babies, but low and behold I'd start again. Sigh! They need to come up with a pill that makes cigarettes taste like poo. You definately wouldn't want to smoke then. Hey....maybe I can invent that...or maybe not. One last word about smoking...smoking doesn't make you a bad person so don't judge. I'm good people.

Ok, enough of that let me talk about my respiratory test. I already told you how excruciatingly hard it was but what I didn't tell you was that I had a mini nervous breakdown the night before it. Normally I feel somewhat prepared for a test. I have studied and feel as if I know most of what I read. This time was different. The night before my test I was going through my note cards and I was blank. I couldn't remember anything. My palms started to sweat, my heart began to race and I felt as if I was doomed and that I was going to fail. Actually I was sure of it...I was failing and that was that. I knew I'd just have to kick arse on the rest of the tests just to bring my grade back up. I cried, I actually bawled like a baby and took my frustration out on my husband because he couldn't do anything to help me. I felt bad for that and apologized but dayum...I've never been so stressed. Like I said in an earlier post I did pass and afterwards I was so glad it was over and I could be done with that material I wanted to have a party. After the test I tried to call hubby and tell him the good news. He didn't answer. I guess he was scared to, afraid I'd failed and he'd have to console me. LOL He did call back and was happy. So bring on the confetti and cake!

In my last post I didn't get to really go into my Grey's Anatomy rant but I will now. last awesome was that? Izzie cutting Denny's L VAD wire. The rest of the interns covering for her, Burke getting shot, Denny dying (booo hooooo), Izzie laying there and saying that one line I'll never forget. "An hour ago he was proposing and now he's going to the morgue. Isn't that ridiculous?" Wow...she was so believable in that scene and it's so heart wrenching how she is laying there holding his dead body. Shiver.

At the end of season 2 we're left wondering who Merideth will choose. McVet or McDreamy. What a choice. I'd hate to be her, what a sad life. Ha. Actually I was her at one point in my life, long ago. Long, long ago. He he. I didn't choose McDreamy. That is all I'll say on the matter. :-)

Speaking of Patrick Dempsey, does he or does he not have the most beautiful expressive eyes you've ever seen? I'm an 80's girl so I've loved him for like...ever. Can't Buy Me Love (Ronald "Ronnie" Miller) & Loverboy...HELLO! The 80's were great. Yea, I had the big bangs that had to be just right, the sideways ponytail, the Poison posters...all that good ooey gooey feeling stuff. I never really realized just how bad fashion was back then. Nothing ever fit. Everything was as big as Texas. Big hair, big baggy t-shirts, big floppy Yuck! But back to Dr. Shepard...does Merideth really need time to choose? I mean on prom night didn't she kind of make a choice? He left his wiife on the dance floor, she left Finn and they had sex...choice made. But that doesn't = a whole lot of drama. Seems they'll be dragging this out forever. The man finally told her he loved her after all of that heartbreak and all of that time. Geez. Choose McDreamy Derrick! But the Vet....sigh, isn't he handsome and sweet and he loves animals. Also..the man has "plans" people. AND he isn't married....that's a plus right? Well, she has a hard decision. I wouldn't want to be her. Maybe she'll just have her cake and eat it too for a while.

Alex...I think he's a wolf in sheep's clothing...or the other way around...whateva, they guy is a tenderoni at heart. Wonder what happened in his past to make him such a womanizer. Hmmm... He really was sweet to Izzie when she needed it the most though so I give him some credit there. I have a feeling he'll end up being a baby doctor....just a hunch. Remember that line..."I don't do vagina, as a Dr anyway." Ha ha....we'll see about that Alex.

George and Callie. I just don't know about them. She's alright, and she does love George, but something makes me feel as if he's just with her to ease his lonlines and the pain about what happened with Merideth. She's a fill in until something else comes along, although I don't think he's doing that intentionally. She is a sweet girl, but is getting a little too serious, too fast. Plus, they look funny together. She reminds me of a linebacker standing next to him. No offense. I don't think they're a good match. George is such a sweetheart, he's my favorite character on the show. I want him to be happy, that's all. Do I sound obsessed? Do I sound as if I really know these people? I must be going a little mad.

The season opener was a bit of a let down, I mean the season finale was so darned drmatic and powerful that this premier kind of fizzled. I think it could have been executed better and it seemed like a few different shows thrown together. I hope it gets better. The characters seemed a bit out of character during certain parts. Oh well.

Alright, I think i've rambled on enough and gotten you caught up on the latest.
Until next time....


Drofen said...

I've seen pics of your husband...and you say you DIDN'T pick McDreamy? Whoah!!