September 14, 2006

A Sticky Situation

Well I did it. Thank the good Lord, praise Jesus, Hallelujah! I passed my 1st skill in NSG 202. IV's! I guess that means I can now insert your IV and give you medication via your vein. Watch out America, that's some scary shizz. Seriously though, I feel pretty confident about my IV abilities. That is until I'm in the real life situation...let's hope I can remember to tear off my tape before I stick you.

Tape...let's talk about it. It is what it is.... some sticky stuff that you never have when you need it. It's just some stuff that holds other stuff together...or is it? Could it be a matter of life or death? Could it be something that not only holds your things together, but holds your future as well? According to my nursing school it is. Remembering to tear off tape could be a matter of pass or fail. Because if you don't remember to tear off that tape before you stick that needle in you're screwed man! So let me take you back to earlier today..........

There I am standing in front of my instructor. I've spiked, squeezed and primed my IV solution bag and am ready to insert the needle. I'm all prepared...or so I thought. I applied the tourniquet and found the vein I'm ready to stick then all of the sudden the panic sets in...I didn't tear the stinkin' tape!!! SHEIT! big deal, just undo the tourniquet and tear off some tape. So I did. Whew...thank goodness it wasn't before I had that needle in my hand. So this story ended well for me, but not for another. This poor girl failed because she inserted that needle and didn't have any tape to secure it. Bless her heart she failed over some stupid ass tape. She didn't fail because she didn't check for a blood return, she didn't fail because she inserted the wrong amount of medication. Noooooooo she failed because of tape. I don't know about your program (if you're in one), but in mine you only get 2 shots to pass a skill. If you don't pass the second time it's...buh- bye, adios, bon soir, aurevoir....C-YA and peace out!!! Talk about a sticky situation. .......Scary.

Moral of the story? Tape can really hold your future in it's tight little hands so.....DON'T FORGET THE DAMN TAPE!!! I'll never look at tape the same way again.

Moving on...
Skill testing days are the worst days of my life. I feel panicky, stressed, sick and just plain scared I'm gonna screw up. The morning always starts out bad because I'm edgy and in no mood to speak to anyone about anything that is irrelevant. Example:

Husband: "Did you remember to take out the trash?"
Me: " Trash? (repeat) Trash????? Do I look like I'm in the mood to take out the trash? Why don't you take out the trash? Trash is the least of my worries. Don't you have anything better to worry about other than whether or not I took out the trash?"
Husband: blank stare
Me: "Don't you know that I have a SKILL TEST TODAY!!???"
Husband: "That explains everything" Husband then slowly backs away, grabs the trash and leaves.

Ok...maybe I'm not that bad, but sometimes I do feel as though I'm thisclose to snapping. And on test days....forgetaboutit! Civilians just don't understand what we nursing students go through. Maybe that is why you get so close to your classmates. They are the only ones who truly understand. I think I see my classmates more than my family. Actually...I know this is true. Nursing school is a whole other world. We don't speak the same language as the "others", we are taught to think 'critically', and we are programmed to retain more information in the shortest amount of time than any other human beings on Earth. HA! My brain is so overloaded most of the time it leaves no room to remember simple things like eating. Last night I was lying in bed and I felt as though I was forgetting something important. Then it hit me....I FORGOT TO EAT! the crazy police I've done lost my mind!!!! Sigh!

If only I could have done this before I had children and gotten married. Those people who are going through this without the added worry are lucky and have somewhat of an advantage. This doesn't mean they don't work as hard or learn as much, but they can do all these things without a crying, needy child demanding every ounce of their time. That doesn't mean that they all take advantage, but they have one over us nonetheless. Aside from all the negatives, the worry and the stress it's still going to pay off in the long run and that is what keeps me moving ahead. So, to all of you who are going through this..... Don't give up, and take one bite at a time. For those of you who are like me...going through this while raising a family....bless you and God speed.