November 4, 2008

Bark at The Moon

So....this whole Twilight book thing had me thinking and what I was thinking was... why am I thinking so much about a book that I really didn't like??? This makes no sense. I'm a sensible person. I read crappy books all the time and never think of them again. Then I realized what was nagging at me so badly....I want to know what happened next! Bad or not, I did kind of care for these characters and didn't want to just slap some duck tape over their mouths and shut them up forever. So I guess what I am saying is that this book musn't been that bad at all. You don't normally get invested in shallow characters do you? I never have and I like Edward and I like Bella and I want to know what happens to them damnit! Yes, the writing may not be the BEST ever and some of the scenes do bring the LOL's at innapropriate and unintended times, but it's a good plot with a lot of suspense and I want to know more about these people.

Maybe I am a literary snob. I've read too many superb books by superb writers that when I came across something that wasn't so "superb" I turned up my snotty little nose at it and scoffed! Then I realized something else. Twilight is written in the first person by a teenage girl....that explains so much and makes me feel so much better. Sigh!

I couldn't take anymore so I went out and bought THIS! New Moon is the sequal to Twilight and I have been reading it non stop since I started when I realized...hey...I'm actually liking this. I tried to put my prejudices aside and when I did I became a teenage girl again....standing on the precipice of unrequited love of another species from another time and it's magnificent. Not only is the beginning a shocker (!!!!!), but the fact that one of the biggest characters of the book is practically non existent throughout is a new twist that I didn't expect. Enter the werewolf.

Yes, New moon is predominantly about werewolves and their relation to vampires and in the midst of it all is this one very human, very vulnerable and sometimes REALLY FREAKING STUPID teenage girl. Some of the plot gets entirely too the author REALLY WANTS US TO KNOW how she is feeling. We get it....she has a huge hole in her heart. She is hurting......we UNDERSTAND and thanks for the subtelty. No need to spread it out for 200 or more pages. It's crap like that that annoys me about this writer.....HOWEVER (wow I'm using lots of caps in this post), the story holds your attention, as much as you try to ignore some of the writing and foolishness. Despite some of the conflicts I have with the book, I really do enjoy these characters, well, save the main one, Bella, who really annoys me with her lack of common sense to STAY AWAY FROM DANGER GIRL! I love Edward, I love, love, love Jacob (maybe even more right now..shhhhhh). I like Charlie, Bella's dad, all of the Cullens and even some of the "normal" teenagers at her school. They all have distinct personalities and are growing on me. point....I am trying...I'm giving it a chance and will give you a full review once finished, but if any Zombies or Trolls show up I'm done. Ya hear me?

p.s. visit Mrs. Meyers website...she even made playlists for each chapter that she wrote that explained the "mood" of what the character was thinking and feeling....very intersting....... I like that idea, as I often use music to set the tone for me as I'm writing as well.