November 19, 2008

Lazy People Suck

I decided it was time for a new blog although I have nothing to really blog about because I'm just feeling kinda blah today. Maybe I'm a little depressed, I'm not sure. I do have a lot going on in my life right now that is depression worthy, so maybe that is it. Aside from's cold out, I'm tired, I'm being visited by that pesky Flo and I have to work tonight. Wah, wah wah.

I layed my head down this afternoon to take a nap. Did I ever get to? No because my kids were being loud and I had too many thoughts swimming in my head. Sigh. I just hate working nights....although the other night I did however get to work with a nurse that looked like this: CHANNING TATUM Pictures, Images and Photos So, night perked up a bit. On top of that he was one of the sweetest guys I'd ever met....very pleasent evening I must say. No I'm not a cheater, cheater pumpikin eater, but it's kinda hard not to notice THAT. I am human afterall. (Wink)

Despite the fact that he was gorgeous, straight, caring and nice had nothing at all to do with why I enjoyed working with him. It was because he was a man. We don't have any males that work on our floor except for our regular floaters and I enjoy working with them just as much even if they don't look like male models. They just bring a different atmosphere to the unit. Plus it always comes in handy when you need help lifting someone who weighs 300 lbs, but whatever. Sometimes working with women is tiring. They talk behind eachother's backs, bitch, moan, groan, complain, gossip, text message their boyfriends all night, start rumors....just UGH!

It's definatly a challenge at times. Some are worse than others. Some I could slap half way to China for some of their ridiculous and immature behavior. Why can't everyone be just like me? LOL I'm not a troublemaker, I try and mind my own business but am nice when approached, I like teamwork and I'm a hard worker. So many times people that I work with are not doing their jobs....usually when the superviser isn't there. Big shocker! But we are there to do a job....this is certainly not a job you can skimp on or put off till tomorrow....they are people and I get so frustrated when some of my co-workers are so lazy.

Nursing is a multifaceted career. We do it all and must do it well. You can't really make mistakes and it's scary. We are supposed to delegate tasks to others...that is part of our job. When I delegate a task to you, little lazy CNA, don't give me lip or the stank eye...yes I saw you do that! I am a fair person. If I am not busy I will not hunt you down to tell you to take Mrs. Thirsty a drink. I will do it myself. If I am busy I will kindly ask you to do it and don't care if you are in the middle of a conversation about how much of an asshole your boyfriend is. You do your job, I do my job. End of story. This isn't chitty chat hour, it's let's keep our patients alive hour. I have been a CNA....I know it's a hard job, but it is your job and if you don't like it then find a new one! I've lost all patience lately. I think some of them don't truly realize what we have riding on our shoulders.

Here is the thing about some of the assistants on my floor, and I say some because there is only a handful who really just suck. The rest are very good and I am so grateful.... otherwise I may have quit a while ago. They are our right hands and when they refuse or hide from you because they do not want to help then you are on your own. Here's the thing.....yes, I can do your job, but guess cannot do mine! Did you hear that? You cannot do my job so just because I can do yours doesn't mean I have the time. I don't care to come and help you wipe a dirty butt and I don't care to take your vitals, but if I am busy I can't do it. I am only one person. I run my ass off just as much as you do missy! Half the damn time I am racing the clock just to get all of my work done in 12 hours, believe it or not. I am not getting paid to do two jobs, only do yours, I'll do mine, we'll help eachother and get through it.

We work our asses off on my floor. This is not an overstatement. I don't mind it...actually I get some kind of rush from being super busy. I just don't like being super busy, drowning, listening to a million call lights, hearing the phone ring and seeing your ass sitting in a chair drinking your coke and eating cookies. ARG! What I want to do is tell you to get your off your big lazy arse and actually earn your money, but all I really do is smile and silently curse you as I'm doing it.

Ok...I feel better now :) I just had to rant a little, it's one of those days. Thanks for listening.


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Hope you have a good shift tonight!