November 30, 2008

Midnight Sun............

This whole Twilight thing has got me discombobulated. First of all...I read New Moon and am now in the middle of Eclipse. I's boring me. Twilight seems to be the book where it should end....why drag it out? THEN I discovered on SM website that she had written part of a new book called Midnight Sun that explains Twilight in Edward Cullens perspective, but it was leaked online before it was finished. I hungrily read it devouring...she offered it up because what else could she do at this point? Only the first 12 chapters.....but so revealing. It was better than Twilight....I loved detailed, so rich with emotion and explanation. Thanks you Lord that it wasn't a shallow adaptation of Twilight. I am so sad it ended at Ch 12!!!!!! BOOOOOOO! Will she ever finish this? I don't know, but I hope so....such a tease.

I watched The Duchess. I'm a huge sucker for any English film. (p.s. I love the BBC!) and it was so very good. I cried like a newborn baby at the last hour....ugh. If you get a it. Keira Knightly is so natural in this role, her performance is incredible.

My love for BBC films is a little obsessive too. I recently found this movie and I am thoroughly obessed with's so fantastic.

Check out the first episode of North and South here:

That's all. :)


Kirsten S said...

Have you seen "Howard's End"? It's a great British movie!