September 7, 2007


One clinical down, 6 more to go. Yesterday was booooring. We had to orient and listen to people talk for what seemed like 24 hours. The hospital we are doing clinical on is really old and doesn't even have computerized charting yet, but we'll make the most of the experience. I did get to see some newborns, precious. Next week my clinical is in the nursery. I can't wait to hold some new little babies and smell their little Johnson & Johnson heads. I can't wait to see an actual delivery, that will be exciting. Well, time to go to school. Hope everyone's semesters are going well. OH! I'm also about to order my invitations for my pinning ceremony...exciting.

Aidan is doing great and handling his chemo well. Make sure to check his site for new updates and photos.
Will try and post again soon.


Connie said...

Hi Christy, I didn't see an email address for you, but wanted to tell you that your blog is an inspiration.

I am an RN, my license is on inactive status, but I am planning to do the program to renew starting in Jan. I only worked for five years in Med-Onc. and I was already 38 when I got my license. I've been out for almost a decade ... with all you are doing.. and coping with I said... you are an inspiration. Connie

Ps. How do you get those little You Tubes on the side of the page.
You have a beautiful blog!

Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

Hi Connie, and thank you for your sweet message. About the you tube videos...I go to you tube and copy the "embedded" item from the video. It's located on the side of the video. Then I go to my page and go to "customize" and paste it as HTML. In order to get it smaller, I have to resize the image. After it's pasted, I resize it with 190 and 300. That's how it becomes smaller, or you could leave it alone and it will be big, but may crowd your page. I may not be explaining this well so let me know if you still don't understand. :-) If you want to put a video in your regular post, just paste it there and you can leave the size as is.

Good luck renewing your license.