September 12, 2007

Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da

School is so crazy and my schedule is crazy too. 3 days out of the week I am at school, or clinical until about 4 or 5 o'clock. That doesn't include the other day (8-10am). Did I mention that I drive about 40 minutes to school everyday? These long days just do me in. Last night we had to attend the Kentucky Nurses Association yearly meeting (see photos above) where they elect officers etc... It was ok, but like I said...4th semester is busy, busy, busy. Who has time for all of this "extra" stuff? We also have to write a 2-3 page paper about the meeting and what they discussed. I guess if they want a paper about the recorder secretary cutting the cheese (literally) very LOUDLY or the president's sleep apnea issue we'll have a great paper. Other than that, nothing was discussed.

Tomorrow I'm in the well-baby nursery and although I'm looking forward to it, I'm just tired. I know it's coming down to the end, and I'm grateful, but it's still a trek to get there isn't it? Next Monday is our second exam. I hope I do well. The instructor talks so fast that I'm sure there are a lot of holes in my notes. We have flown over the OB material so fast I don't really feel like I've learned it well. I hate that. Especially if I take my career in that direction. Most of it is common sense, and if you're a mother it's just a refresher, but OB is a whole new can of worms. There are a lot of new terms to learn and understand...not like med-surg. I guess my heart just isn't in it this semester, which is understandable.

Aidan is doing great: (see big cheeks and smile below)

He's a roly poly now. :-) Everyday he wakes up his cheeks get bigger and bigger. This was his picture a week ago:

Hasn't he changed already? It's the steroids. They make him very bloated. He's technically only gained 3.5 lbs since his dx. :0( Monday he will be off the steroids and I'm glad. He eats even when he isn't hungry and it hurts his belly. It would be like us going from 1 month pregnant to 9 months in one week. I'm sure his stomach and cheeks hurt because they're so stretched and all of his organs inside are smooshing into eachother. The dr says he will lose that weight and that he will stop eating, I hate that part of it. He's never eaten so well in his life! :0)
He never complains and he's my hero.

No matter what obstacles are thrown in our way or what challenges we face. One thing is goes on.


Crystal said...

Thanks for finding me! Come on December! Sorry to read about your little one. Sounds like your whole family is one of troopers!! Hang in there!! We WILL get through this!!

Connie said...

Hi Christy,
I somehow don't see you as being a staff nurse. Have you considered being a nurse practioner? U don't mean right away, but in time.


Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

Hi Crystal. You're right, we WILL get through this! Good luck with the rest of school.

Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

Connie, not sure what you mean, but I have considered being a nurse practitioner, but I think I'm pretty much done with school..for a while anyway. I would like to get my BSN, but will do it slowly and one class at a time (much later on). :-) You never know what will happen in the future, so I'll never say never.