September 28, 2007

Keep on Keepin' On

We had our nursing photos taken today, complete with old school cap and all. Most of us wore t-shirt-type tops, although I was against it (unprofessional looking), but I'm a follower and since everyone else wore one I did too. Ha! I think I'm not going to like my picture and here is why...I curled my hair this morning and it looked so pretty. Fast forward 2 hours post lecture (yes, they made us wait) and my hair had all fallen and was not lookin good. :-( Booo...I've waited so long for these pics and my hair was looking whack. I should have just brushed it out, I wish I had now. Damn. It's a girl thing. Oh well. As soon as I get them, I'll post one... as long as it isn't too fugly. I'm so angry I didn't just brush it out. Now I will harp on this until I see the crappy pic, then harp some more. I mean, this is THE photo. THE one weve waited years for and have earned the damn right to take and my hair looks like a ratty mess. Can I cry now? I know it's dumb, but it can't be done over. Oh will go onw with or without my shitty photo.

Not next week, but the week after is our fall break. After that we have 2.5 weeks left. OMG!!! We still do the hospital hours, but who cares, that's the fun stuff. He he. No more books...yay! It will definately be bittersweet to say goodbye to all of the people I have spent the past 2 years with. We've gained a few, lost a few, but I honestly like everyone...well almost. (wink). It's starting to feel kind of real now with all of the NCLEX talk. I'm trying to decide which review course to take to prepare. I heard Kaplan sucked and that Hurst was the best. How are you suppose to know which one to take? Decisions, decisions. Our next exam is next Friday and honestly, I'm not sure what to study. I have senioritis majorly bad. It takes everything in me to pay attention, or to even show up for class for that matter. I'll just keep on keepin' on until the end. I've made it this far...

Oh yea, I forgot to mention Grey's Anatomy. Did anyone watch? I wasn't impressed, although I did think the beginning was funny when all the new residents were reciting Bailey's speech to the new interns. WHat was with Izzy and Bambi? Seriously? ...Seriously? Why does Merideth and Derrick have to constantly be having drama? I can't even say I remember why they're breaking up, they've done it so many times. If a man looked at me the way he looks at her, I'd never leave his ass. Get over your hang-ups Merideth, we're tired of your whining! I don't like the fact that Callie stole Miranda's job. I don't like not having Addison on the show. Burke is gone....good riddance and poor little George is an intern...again. This had better be a good season and Shonda Rhimes needs to get her mojo-juju back. Don't mess with my show! Like KFC...let's go back to the original recipe.


Crystal said...

The pics are WAY over rated. We took our on a day we didn't have class. I had to leave work and looked like total crap! I think it's a requirement! Oh well, such is life, right!

I wish I could say we were done in less than a month. We have lecture right up til the end. I will be finished with my other two classes sometime in mid-Nov, tho.

Enjoy! And good luck studying!!

Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

They are right? I think what's buggin me is because I never curl my hair because I never have time. I should have just worn it straight as I always do. Ah well. You just keep on, keepin on too!

Good luck with class.