October 2, 2007

Creep me out

Ok, so I headed on over to the ABC Bachelor Website and was doing some reading. I haven't watched this season, but was curious. Anyhow... I go to the message board and read some posts that Andy and Tessa are split up. So I post a kind message with Aidan's you tube link and tell them that only a few weeks ago they visited him...together. Low and behold I realize early on that these people are hard core when it comes to Andy and Tessa. I'm talking...seriously, seriously hard core. I was sent a message stating that they have photos of Aidan on another site and to come and check it out. What? Photos of my kid? So I venture over there and see photos that came from this blog, MY BLOG...(See post entitled "Update" that was written in August). SO, yea, I felt a little icky about that. They also had made screen caps from Aidan's video. Ewww. Weird. For them I'm sure it's no big deal, but for me this is weird. Anyway, I mentioned that it would have been nice for someone to let me know they are posting these on another site because I'd like to know...HELLO. They then proceed to tell me that they didn't get the photos from here. A-Hem...my husband took the damn pictures!!! This is the only place those photos were posted! (Not speaking of the you tube vid- but the other pics)Anyway...yea I'm preturbed at people. Please..NO STEALING. Don't use my child as a "We love Andy" parade. Those pics aren't about "him". Geez people, have some freakin' respect. From now on, JUST ASK. I don't know many other people who would want pics of their child on some random sites. This site isn't really "public" considering it isn't easliy findable...for many reasons. I'm not trying to be mean, but this is my son and I would like to have been told. That is all I'm sayin'.

I guess this is what happens when you post things online... be forewarned.

p.s. I know that none of the vid, or photos posted was meant with ill intentions, so please know I am not angry about that. From a mom standpoint, it's just awkward.


Drofen said...

Wow. Just wow.