October 3, 2007


This is horrible. How can Ok! Weekly magazine get away with exploiting these children this way? They are innocent victims in all of this....what a travesty. I only posted here because no one reads my blog, lol, like some others who have millions of hits a day. A-Hem! Perez Hilton. I know I will NOT be buying this mag...some people take things way too far. I know Britney Spears is a major mess up, she just doesn't quit and I'm sure we will see new photos of her tomorrow out and about at some club, however, this girl needs some serious help, especially right now. No matter how "bad" of a mother someone is, it must really hurt her to have lost her little boys. I truly think she has a mental disoorder that led her down the road to drugs and alcohol. A sane person doesn't shave all of their hair off..HELLO! It's so sad she has alientated her family, because I think she needs them the most right now. I feel so sorry for her, she isn't a bad person, she just needs some major help! I think the best thing the judge could have done was ordered her to go to a treatment facility until the counselers thought she has recovered. Now, after losing her boys, she's really going to be out of control. Sigh.

What has happened to Miss Britney? We are all so obsessed with this story because we are so shocked by it. She was a mouseketeer for goodness sakes. She was the girl everyone loved and she has lost all that she had..for what? My theory...she doesn't know who in the hell she is. She grew up having people worship her, having everyone at her beck and call, having the money to do whatever she wanted and it's caught up with her. Fame, money, Hollywood is a cest pool of lies, deciet, and monetary gain. She needs a life coach...maybe she should call Scott Baio for some advice. Seems like he has "growing up Hollywood" issuse of his own. By the way, is he still single?

I'm just so saddened for her. I hope/want her to get some help. We're all watching while she falls apart before our eyes. It's shameful. SOMEONE, DO SOMETHING, before she ends up like Anna Nicole.