January 20, 2008

Don't Eat the Jelly Beans

I worked Friday night and I dreaded going in, but once I got there I was fine and it was kind of fun. One pt we had was an older man who had a double amputation from both his knees down (previously). He was admitted because he was trying to open a bag of jelly beans and he couldn't so he grabbed his LIGHTER and caught the bag on fire...and what was left of his legs. Bless his heart. All for some jelly beans. I hope they were the good kind.

Every pt on the floor requires a lot of attention, so when you have 5 you're basically running your ass off the majority of the night. There is so much for me to learn that it feels like I'll never learn it all, but hopefully one day I will feel more comfortable. My preceptor is only 1.5 yrs out of nursing school herself and she's doing a great job, so it's something to look forward to. I think this is a floor I will learn quickly on considering you have no choice but to just dive in and get things done. Whether I will stay on this floor after my first year, I'm unsure, but if I do leave I'd probably be really bored considering.

Onto other news...Aidan will be 5 this Thursday!!! I'm so excited, yet sad. No one wants to see their baby grow up, but I'm thankful he is and hopefully we'll get to celebrate another 75 birthdays with him.

Hope everyone is doing great....let me know how nursing school is going!


RN Someday said...

Hi Christy - Sounds like you are enjoying your job. I bet the nights are hard to get used to. I don't think I am someone who could ever work nights. I like 2 nd shift but night work well if you have kids you need to be home with. Nursing school is nursing school. It is hard. I am enjoying the moms and the babies which is surprising to me. But we have so much reading and assignments it is difficult to keep up. I am actually considering quiting my job because I just cannot get it done. Take care. I gotta get back to the books - Gina