January 2, 2008

First Day on the Job..not quite what I expected

So, I've been up late working on this blog. How ya like it? I may change it again...it's cute, but I have OCD and I will fiddle with it until I'm sick of it, then I won't mess with it for another year. Oh & guess what else? HTML is the devil.

I'm trying to get in the habit of the late nights since I'll be starting that schedule very soon. Oy! I figured...new year, new blog. I'm going to do major construction on a lot of things in my life this year. I'm not making resolutions, I'm just changing things. Resolutions are made to be broken and I don't make any promises I can't keep.

I showed my 13 year old my blog and his eyes got really big around. It's just a pin-up girl, it's nothing scandalous! 13 year olds & their hormones...good heavens. I hope everyone had a good new year celebration. I must say, mine was rather boring and uneventful. Maybe that's a precursor for what's to come in the new year, which is fine with me because I'll take boring and unevenful over crazy and dramarific any old day. I'm definately getting older. I'd much rather stay in than go out these days, unless it's for food or to spend money. Food and shopping are my favorite reasons to leave the house. What can I say, I'm boring & predictable.

I had to change my blog title...as I'm no longer a student. (WEIRD!) I kind of miss school, or the perks of it anyway. At school you paid them and not the other way around. Now I have to show up on time, be prepared and do my very best all the time....damn! Not that I was ever late (twice), but knowing that if you are late you will pay a price is much worse than knowing you can be late with no real ramifications. As i've said before...being responsible is sucky. I had my first day on the job on Monday where all I did was watch the unit clerk do her job. Literally...I watched and did nothing except get in her way at every possible moment. It was the easiest money I've ever made. Because I hadn't recieved my provisional license at the time of scheduling, I had to start as a unit clerk, no biggie... I have my provisional now, so I'm an RNA (registered nurse applicant). I actually have a big fancy title, but I'll be glad when that big ole A falls off the end!

So, about my first day. First of all, let me say that I found myself to be a little jealous of the unit clerk. She doesn't have her arms elbow deep in feces, she wasn't dealing with the cranky doctors, and I didn't see her running around like a chicken with her head cut off like the NURSES were. Nope, she just sat at her desk, made copies, answered phones, call bells & charted new orders....cushy. She did make sure to tell me that she would NEVER want to be a nurse because (and I quote) "their job sucks ass". Ahhh..the words every new grad wants to hear. It was like music to my pointy, green, virginess ears. BUT I did hear that it is a great floor to work on and that the night shift has the best group of people. That's kinda hopeful, right? Everone welcomed me and most of them were very friendly. I am excited and I don't care what anyone says...I think it's all about ATTITUDE and some people just have crappy ones which brings me to the question I've been dying to ask...why are some people assholes? Can't they just smile...it takes little effort and believe me when I say that your face looks helluh ugly with it all puckered and sour like that. Anyway....I will be a good nurse no matter WHO or WHAT is against me. Not that anyone is...yet...but there is always one person who likes to start trouble and from what I've heard (goodness...already??!!) there are a few that like to intimidate new grads. Don't be put off by my friendly demeanor. Beneath my sweet smile lurks a woman who isn't in the mood for your stinkin' crap! Wow...I let it all hang out there huh? Oops!

Besides all of that (he he) I am excited about starting my new job. I will find out tomorrow a little more about my schedule and I can't wait to write all about how it's going.

Till next time...
Peace & Much Love,


RNstudentCat said...

Christy, I love the new look, goodluck on your new job sounds exciting!

I used to be a unit clerk, and that is why I am becomming a nurse, I wanted to be elbow/knee deep in the hooplah!

As for the mean crusty people, well pfft to them, kill them with kindness and they will feel foolish.

Christy ~ RN to be said...

Yea, kindness is the way to go, although my tongue my not always agree. He he he!

Good luck on your nursing career!