February 16, 2007


I hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Mine was nice, even though I didn't get home until late. It's Friday...Halleluah! I don't go back to school until Wed.. right on. We're off Monday, my regular day off is Tuesday so no class till Wednesday. Yee Haw. Our next test is next Friday so I have all weekend and then some to study, which means I should have no excuse if I fail. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start though. A girl needs a little r&r ya know? Clinical this week was good. Very hectic, but I got to do a few new things. Lets see....I got to do my first real central line dressing, had no problems there. I also got to draw blood from her central line, no probs there either besides the fact that I kept trying to draw it with the line clamp on....woopsy. I eventually figured it out. He he. I didn't realize how dang hard it was to pull blood out of there. It seemed like I used all my force to pull back on the syringe. Crazy! That's about it. The more I do nursing stuff, the less excited I get about it. Not because I don't like it, but it's kind of starting to become second nature in a way. Not skills though, it will be a loooong while before that's second nature, I'm talking about the nursey parts. It's fun. I had a 21 year old victim of a MVA (motor vehicle accident) he was on a bunch of prescription pills and drilled a tree. He was trying to get me to sneak him some pills.....tsssk tssssk. I can't believe he even had the nerve to ask me. Who does he think I am? I've noticed that younger people tend to be selfish, and he was. There was no way I was/am going to risk all of this so that he could get high. What a little sh*t. LOL Even though he was trying to pester me all day he did provide some entertainment. We had to call security to find him at one point in the day, he was wandering around like he wasn't a pt. Sneaky, sneaky.
Well, have a good weekend everyone and stay safe!