February 6, 2007

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Got another big test tomorrow. Wish me luck. It's over Integument (burns-thermal, electrical and chemical. Hypothermia and frost bite) and Immune (HIV and AIDS, Lupus, blood transfusions and rx, anaphylaxix, different types of hypersensitivity rx, sepsis and septic shock, immunogloblins, lymphoctyes etc, etc...) It doesn't sound like a lot, but it really is. I have over 35 written pages of notes and about 8 powerpoints. I am not sure about how I'll do, but I know that right now I'm feeling pretty anxious about it. In 12 more hours I'll be sitting there at my desk panicking as always. I hate the way this instrucor teaches, or rather throws information at us and sends us on our way. She talks waaaaay over our heads and thinks we know a lot more than we do at this point. I wonder if she talks this way to prove to us how smart she is. I sometimes get that impression, which is fine, but we aren't smart and I want her to explain things to me like I'm in kindergarten ok? LOL Some teachers are just better at explaining than others and when you're dealing with a new concept (septic shock) and you aren't completely clear about what's going on and the phases, someone needs to break it down for you and she ain't that kinda person. Whew...that was windy. I just hope and pray she doesn't try to kill us with the questions because she's one of those ya know? I don't care what anyone says...her questions are tricky and she likes it that way. TRICKSTER!

The other instructor (who taught burns/skin) centers her questions around exactly what she taught. No games involved with her. They are challening and require a lot of critical thinking, but atleast she's straighforward about what she wants. If I'm going to miss a question, I'd like it to be because I just didn't remember or know the answer, rather than because I didn't understand the question. I hate it when that happens. Anyway... tune in tomorrow to see how I did. At this point it's completely up in the air, unpredictable and has no bearing on how much I studied. I am definately not in Kansas anymore kids.

Until next time....

p.s. I got my micro test postponed until Monday instead of tomorrow....Shew.