February 7, 2007

Thank You 6lb 8oz Baby Jesus

Oh my goodness that test was so hard. It seemed like there were always 2 questions that were right and I felt like I was playing eenie meenie miney mo with them. It was a crap shoot and I thought for sure that I failed it and I thought I failed it bad....as in.. missing half the questions!!! I was ready to walk out and not come back halfway through I was so frustrated. Half of the class failed the test. HALF. That's a lot for a nursing test. I missed 7. I passed. I cannot believe it. Im still in shock. I got an 83% (C). I have since learned that they have already thrown out 2 of the questions so far so this means I missed 5 and I got an 87%(B). Even though I passed I am still upset and angry because I didn't think the questions were fair or worded in a way that we understood them. The 2nd instructors questions were fine....it's only the first. It's always the first....Mrs. Ambiguous.

I felt awful afterwards...drained. I was ready to go home, but we had lecture and had to start all new material....Renal. Yippy. You could feel the tension in the air in our class. Of course we are NOT allowed to discuss the test with the instructors afterward (big no-no), we're just left to sit and stew until the next day of class when they'll go over it with us. Torture.
Many people were talking about how they have now failed both tests....that's not a good feeling for the rest of the semester ya know? When you fail even one nursing test and you come to the final you can only miss so many questions or you'll fail the whole class....I hate that. SO that is what is weighing on many minds and I feel their pain. All of this hard work and you just can't get ahead. It's a scary roller coaster ride and your fate and future are in the hands of those instructors. You have to have a 78% in the class to move on to the next semester. If your final avereage is a 77.9% (D) they WILL NOT round up. No matter what, or so we're told, but I'd like to think that if it was that close they would, but it's in the handbook NO ROUNDING!!! In fact, they don't even round for tests. I think I got an 83.7..but my final grade for the test is just a lil old 83. I'm hapy with it and just thrilled I passed. I think God intervened and threw me a bone this time. Maybe he sees how hard I'm working and decided to let this one slide. :-)

Speaking of God. After class my friend M and I were hanging out in the break area waiting for our Micro class to start and an old 101 instructor walks by and asks if we're going to go to another building to get some food. They always have a lot of committees and club meetings that serve lunch that's free to the students. I was starving by this time so I said ok. So we walk in and I discover that we're in a christian student's meeting and there are only like 6 people there all who are putting in prayer requests. I felt bad because I was just there to eat and only had 20 minutes before my next class. I was going to get my food and take it with me, but then that would be rude wouldn't it? So I took advantage of the situation and decided to thank God that I had passed this last test and everyone got a big laugh out of it. I then scarfed down my food, said my apologies for eating and running and scurried out. I'm a christian and you better believe that I pray, but I couldn't help but feel like I was walking into somewhere I didn't belong. I wonder now if you have to be a member to eat free lunch. lol Oh well...it was a nice respite before the next class...eating ham and praying...what could be a better refreshment?

After micro we were off again...off to the hospital to pick up our assignments for clinical tomorrow. I have 3 pt's.....sheesh. I don't think my partner will be there. She missed class today because she was sick. I'd have to be on my death bed before I'd miss a nursing test because you have to wait until the end of the semester to re-take it. By that time you're worried about the final and who wants to be re-learning all of that material at that time? Not me, no way.

Well...I'm glad I passed. I'm glad that's over. Heck, if they throw out another couple of questions, I may even end up with an A...who woulda thunk it?

Peace and Love

Have any of you seen Taladega Nights (post heading reference). It's hilarious!