July 27, 2007

From Sweet Girls to Mean Girls

Britney Spears is a crazy psycho. I think she has serious mental problems and no one is helping her. The report from the OK magazine photo shoot is that a few times her eyes rolled back into her head, she thought the ceiling was going to cave in on her, she wiped her greasy, nasty hands on an expensive dress, she repeatedly went potty....with the door open! Seriously...she needs help and those kids, dare I say this, would be better off with K-Fed at this point. The poor girl was at the top of the world, now she's in the gutter. Ugh. My diagnosis is post partum depression which can have varying degrees of psychosis. Mix that with some redneck fried chicken eating, gum chewing, baby diaper wearing shiz thrown in and what you get is a big ole mess! Get this girl some help before she ends up like Anna Nicole Smith. The girl has lost her damn mind. Sad.

Lindsey Lohan. Sigh. First let me say that we have all made mistakes, done stupid things in our teens and early 20's. We didn't have a camera in our faces while we were doing it either. Thank goodness too. Our mamas don't need to know everything, ya dig? Now, let me say that we also aren't millionaires and aren't followed around by the stalkarazzi. Therefore, we didn't have the funds to hire a driver to be at our beck and call, whereas they do. HIRE A DAMN DRIVER TO DRIVE YOUR DRUNK ASSES AROUND! Geez. "The cocaine wasn't mine officer." It was in her pocket. Hmm.....LOL.
Get some help Lindsay. Bypass Promises and go straight to Betty Ford...please. You have a problem. You cannot go into a bar when you just got our of rehab, grow up and wake up before it's too late and you're eating out of the KFC bucket like Britney and the whole world is pointing and laughing at you. If they aren't already....

Paris Hilton... That girl needs to quit her tiring job of red carpet posing and work at a damn zoo.

Nicole Richie... Feed that baby. Eat some chicken.

This is what teenage girls look up to? If I were a teen I think even I'd have enough sense not to want to be like these girls, but there are some girls out there who aspire to exactly that. Carrying around Louis Vuitton bags, wearing oversized Chanel sunglasses, starving themselves, thinking snorting coke is sooo cool. When I was 16 and 17 I was lucky to get a fifty dollar Liz Claiborne purse for Christmas. I still buy my shades at the kiosk in the local mall for ten dollars. The world has gone crazy. I think these girls have gotten their way too much. Lock em up! That's what I say. Have them spend a week in a real psych facility, with real psych patients.

I was watching that Super Sweet 16 show on Mtv the other day and couldn't believe my eyes. This 15 year old girl was whining to her father that she didn't like the brand new $50,000 Mercedes because it was too small. I wanted to reach through my screen and smack her smug little pout off her bratty little face. Her birthday party was around a half a million dollars. 500,000 dollars...... That's just obscene and wrong on so many levels. There are starving children all around the world...hello! Many people think that those who complaing are just jealous. Some of that is true. How nice would it be to get everything you wanted whenever you wanted it? I would love to have argued with my parents about the Mercedes I wanted to buy at 16. That would be a fun argument. I was given a 87' Escort for my first car and didn't even have a choice. It was just sitting there...in my driveway and I was glad I had something to drive because a lot of my friends didn't even have cars. But I think the reason this irritates so many is because we don't have that luxury and for them to take it for granted and act so spoiled...it drives us insane! How can someone be so selfish? I blame it all on the parents.

This is what I have to say to all of those girls who emulate these celebs...grow up, get an education because you are NOT going to go to Hollywood and become a star.