July 23, 2007

My Review- I Loved It!

I finished reading the 7th and final Harry Potter book....(sniffles). Sigh...I thought it was completely incredible and I was so connected to the characters throughout the whole book that I felt I was there...rooting for them, grieving with them and feeling their trepidation and awesome bravery. This is why JK Rowling is so brilliant, albeight a book about fantasy, wizards and magic, it is in essence a book about the human condition, morals, loving others unconditionally and the importance, of family and friends and that good always trumps evil, regardless of the sacrifice. The book is very emotional and goes through every feeling imaginable. I feel sad now. I'm sad it's over and there will never be another book.

I don't really have words about the feelings I felt as I read this book. I was so in awe of the discoveries I was making right alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione that sometimes I found myself daydreaming away from the book in my hand and thinking back to prior books referencing my memory and putting things together. I had many ah-ha moments and it was quite satisfying. The whole series was weaved so perfectly and came to such a climax..... I won't spoil it, incase there are fans who may read this, but let me say that there were certain parts of the book where I cried and cried like a big, stupid baby.

The one thing that I love about the ending is that is still leaves room for a lot of speculation. The thing I didn't like about the book is that is still leaves room for a lot of speculation. There are many holes left unfilled and questions left unanswered, but I think some questions don't need an answer. Like in this book, Harry had the answers and Dumbledore wanted him to discover them on his own...and he did. He left him to this quest to find the answers he'd been seeking but the answer was always there...and Harry always knew it, as did the reader in a way.

I wish I could end this blog by saying that I cannot wait until the next book, but there isn't going to be another one is there? So hopefully by doing a re-read I will be able to put more together that didn't jump out at me on the original read. Atleast we'll always have the liberty to dive into the HP world again and again as much as we like, and continue to enjoy ourselves along with Harry and his friends on their incredible journey.