July 19, 2007

The time is drawing near...

Hey blog buddies. Have you noticed on my time-clock that there is only 1 month left until my last semester begins? EEK! I'm nervous! Yes, us nursing school pro's get nervous about the 1st day of school too! Ha! You'd think I would feel like a pro at this by now however, I still sometimes feel like a little green newbie.

I haven't blogged much lately, not much to write about I suppose. I have been searching online for some free Nursing Journal articles to help me with my bib cards. We have 4 due next semester, 2 in Peds and 2 in OB. I'd like to get a jump start and do them so I won't have to worry about it next semester. If anyone knows of a place with free articles please let me know. I'd also like to start doing some reading, but unfortunately they don't have our new books in yet. Hmm. I cannot have a used text book. For one, I keep all of my nursing books for reference and 2 and just don't like someone elses notes and highlights in my books. I guess I'm a little OCD when it comes to my own note taking. I even have different color highlighters for things. Ex: If the teacher says something will be on a test I may highlight it in yellow. If they say something straight out of the book I may highlight that in green. Any index tables or notes of importance are highlighted in a diff color and things I think I need to know I highlight in another color and etc... I try to have a system. Also, I give something 3 stars in my paper notes if it's really important and only one star if it was only briefly mentioned. That way when I go to study I'll know what is the most crucial info etc... Aren't I boring and anal? You know what they say...don't fix what ain't broke, and this system has always worked for me.

I already bought some school supplies, well only a 5 star Mead notebook, but it's never too early to grab a few things here and there. I plan on getting super organized this semester. I always say that, but I mean it this time....really I do. I want to actually keep a planner and use it. I always buy one, then end up jotting everything down on my school calandar instead. I'm also going to keep my backpack clean and free of crumbs this time around. All the potato chip and candy wrappers last semester took up way too much space and left me with a mess. I want to actually do my reading assignments before lecture so I'll be ahead....um...sure. Sigh...plans, plans, plans.

Getting organized is one of the biggest things you need to achieve to succeed in nursing school, IMO. Every moment of your life during that time needs to be planned out and implemented. I must admit, I am pretty good at planning study times and sticking to them. Plus, this helps me get things around my house done because I know I have time allotted for study only. I don't even know why I am talking about this because I'm suppose to be enjoying my break damnit! LOL

I always get this way before school starts...anxious, excited, nervous, apprehensive, scared out of my freakin' mind! They say that 4th semester is the busiest yet. I thought last semester was bad.... Apparently the first half of the semester (Aug 20th- Oct 31st) will consist of lecture, exams, skills, math exams, and OB and Peds clinical. After the Final (Halloween), we are to complete 120 preceptor hours and prepare for our NCLEX. SO basically, they are going to cram a semester's worth of material in 2 months. Yay... :0(

I think I am most concerned about the skill tests. I hate them. Standing there, sweating bullets, while you're being evaluated on everything. EEK! We have 13 skills in the first 2 weeks....how this is possible, I have no idea. Rumor states, because they never tell us much until the first day of school, that many of these we get to videotape and turn it. Won't that be a relief? Shew! Never have I wanted a rumor to be so true. I think there are a lot of teaching skills....breastfeeding, swaddling baby, etcetera. I never minded the teaching skills so much. I guess it's an advantage to all of us who are parents, because we kind of know most of this stuff already.

I'm ready to get started with the last chapter of school, but I'm not ready at the same time. I want more time!!!!!!! But as everyone keeps telling me....3 months after school starts...only 3 more months....wow. I cannot believe it. It seems as though I just started school. I remember my first day so clearly...we were all so scared and excited. Now I look at those "kids" he he, and say a little prayer for them. lol They ask us questions all of the time, curious just like I was. Hell, I'm still curious. Ha! We never really know what we're in for until we're in the middle of it. I hate to scare the newbies by telling them horror stories, so I just tell them to be prepared, take care of themselves and never get behind. I'm sure this is something they will find out for themselves, but it never hurts to try and help.

Also, I did take my boys to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was good, and really sad. I found myself wanting to cry at certain moments. This movie wasn't as fun as the last, it was mostly dark and brooding...they're getting ready for the war between good and bad. The fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore was really awesome. We saw the movie at the IMAX so we got to wear 3D glasses that were huge and ugly. The fight scene was in 3D and was a lil scary. I'm surprised this was a PG 13 movie. Anyhow....I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Well, back to my research...