November 7, 2007

A first time for everything.....

Hey bloggers. I've been so busy I haven't had time to write, so here's an update for ya. BTW..whoever visits my blog from Austrailia, England and Japan....Hello from the US!!!!!!!!! It's so cool you read my stupid little blog, but 'Welcome' and leave me a message sometime too! Anyway, moving on... so Monday I was all nervous because I had 2 interviews back to back. I was suppose to have 3, but the position was filled, so I only had 2. Both interviews went incredibly well. I liked both managers a lot, but wanted one job more than the other and guess what??!! I was offered both positions! Yay! So now, I just have to think on it and let them know which one I want. Here are the pro's and cons of both jobs:

Job A: Pay's almost .65 more per hour
Job B: .65 less on the hour than job A (ha!)

Job A: 36 bed (mostly detox) unit
Job B: 26 bed general surgery unit

Job A: Can practically make my own schedule
Job B: "We'll do the best we can"

Job A: 5 to 1 nurse to patient ration
Job B: 7 to 1 (they're smokin' some crack) nurse to pt ratio

Job A: Super sweet manager
Job B: Super sweet manager

So job A I think, right?

Anyhow...that's where I'm at...makin' decisions and I hae decision making because I over analyze everything to death!

Tonight I worked my very first 12 hours shift...EVER. It was brutal, but time flew pretty quick actually. We were slammed and I had 4-5 pt's all day, another first. My preceptor is as sweet as can be, but I know I have to get on her nerves at times. I mean, I'm new at this and she knows it blind, so she wants everything to go fast, fast, fast, like she's use to and I want rationale. Why am I doing this? I can only learn something if I know the "why". Thank goodness she's patient, or I'd be screwed. I did some stupid things today, it's not the first and I'm sure it won't be the last time. How else are you suppose to learn, right? You know something else that threw my off? It was that the same nurse that I got report from in the am was the one I was giving report to in the pm. That will mess with your head right there. Basically... a 12 hours shift is a loooong damn time! Thank God I only have to do this 3 days a week.

Now I'm exausted and can only think of my bed....sweet dreams!


RN Someday said...

That's awesome Christy. Job A seems better. No way would I want 7 med surge patients.

Christy (Soulshine) ~ RN to be said...

I got one of my Job A and B mixed up in the post...Job A is general surg with 26 beds, the "other" has 36 beds and is mostly detox. Anyway...I chose gen/surg. I hope I like it, I'm a little scared.

Crystal said...

Congrats on the job offers! Seems like we are all getting what we want! I'd for sure go with Job A! It sounds wonderful. I hope transition continues to go well for you. I know 12 hours are long days, but somehow we manage. Hang in there! We're almost finished!!