November 30, 2007

Graduation Here I Come....

I'm finished with precepting forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO, Hell Yeah, Hallelujah, Bless the Lord, Praise Jesus, 'Bout damn time too! But, I'm kinda too tired to care right now because I just worked 12 hours. Hmmpf.

Today was a booger of a day. We did the nurse job and CNA job because she was sick. It was just a mess, but we managed. When you have 2 people doing work for 4 patients, who does what and who charts what gets really confusing.'s over and I can now retire my white scrubs and apron "bib" forever. I will however miss the 1000 pockets I had though. :-/ I don't think I ever want to wear white again. EVER! Ugh!

I've waited for this day for so long. Now, I just have one more class and we're finished and get to get pinned! I'm excited and ready to move on from school. School is for the freakin' birds. LOL I definitely had a love-hate relationship with it for sure. I loved it when I was on breaks and I hated it when I wasn't.

Precepting for 120 "real nurse" hours has taught me more than what I learned in school. That's kinda sad. I mean, HELLO, they never even taught us how to use an i-med machine. Kinda makes you feel stupid to go through 3.5 years of nursing school and not even know how to hang a primary bag of fluids. Anyway...I know now and that's all that matters. I have done so much. Yesterday I was with the IV team all day and I stuck about 9 people. I got blood return on most, but blew the vein. I did get one stick though, so it was satisfying. Many of the pt's that they see are hard sticks so I wasn't discouraged. I'm just glad I now have a better idea of how to manipulate the IV and get it in the all! Ha ha.

Damn, I'm tired and my brain is fried. I'd better end this post and go relax. I'm off for the next two weeks and am going to enjoy it because I start my new job on the 17th. Kinda not ready for all that yet, but I am ready to be free of school. I feel satisfied. Tired, but satisfied.