December 29, 2008

Ho, Ho, Meow

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We had a very nice one and the kids all had a good time too. We went to my husband's family Christmas yesterday and came away with a very huge and very fat cat named Toby. Keith gave it to his sister long ago and she re-gifted the cat back to us. Nothing better than recycled kitty to start the new year.

I'm not really a cat person. I like my dog. He's reliable, he wags his tail, he pants and runs around like a do-do and is predictable. Cats slink around, have very sharp claws and swat at your feet. Needless to say, I am trying but all it does when it's around is stare at me, as if it can see through my soul to my deepest darkest secrets. Unnerving.

Moving along....I've been too busy to blog lately. I got a job offer on Christmas Eve. I'm contemplating it and wondering if it wasn't a little bit of divine intervention. ;) I'll let you know more when I know more about it.

I was supposed to work Christmas night, but I got low census. On holidays they pull names out of a hat to see who gets low census and mine was drawn. I never get picked for anything...Merry Christmas to me! I'm back to work tonight, then I work New Years day. I think work will be good for me right now...I need some healthy distractions.

I'm so glad that the holidays are over and it is almost a new year. I really need my battery recharged and a new, clean slate. This last year was a tad trying for me. Hopefully the next one will bring more good's looking up.

I promise to blog more in the New Year....that is one resolution I think I can stick to.

Ta ta.


Drofen said...

Yay, a new post! :)