March 23, 2007

George the Cheater Part Deux

OK....Grey's Anatomy lastnight was awesome. I loved the beginning...Christina: "I really didn't like hearing George at 3 in the morning doing his version of SexyBack". Merideth: "Well, atleast he and Izzy are making up. You did make up didn't you?" Ha ha ha. They had no clue what was going on in that room. They, like us, would never guess that Izzy and George would....ya know. I was shocked when we discovered George didn't remember that he and Izzy had sex. Not only did he cheat on his wife, the guy doesn't even remember doing it....until he's meeting Callie's father for the first time and then all of the sudden...flashbacks. Oh dear....then Izzy is forced to work with the O'Malley's for the rest of the day. Pure torture. You can tell Izzy is wrestling with the fact that George doesn't remember....she looked hurt even. She wanted to tell him, but couldn't, then he did and he was well....shocked. He asked Izzy basically to pretend it didn't happen because he didn't want to clear his conscience for his own selfish reasons and hurt Callie. That's some twisted way of saying....I don't want her to know because she might tackle me and cause permanent damage.

I loved how protective Derrick was of Merideth's vulnerable state. He really does love her and want what's best for her, but she really need to prove something to herself and her dead mom (by doing the new face surery) and she did and all ended happily there. Except...Derrick's interview went horrible while McSteamy ended up smelling like a rose. He was is and will always be out for his own self.

I am really loving the storyline with Alex and Jane Doe. I sense he's falling for this poor girl with the severely jacked up face. I wonder if they'll reveal "Ava" and her new face next week...hmm. And who is she? Is she married? Divorced? Does she have any one has come looking for her. Who's teh daddy? Was she on vacation....just tell me WHO IN THE HELL THIS CHICK IS!!!! He's so sweet and gentle with her...that's sooo not him. He basically helped her decide between the 3 faces she had to choose from and she values his's a very sweet storyline and I hope the writers don't go a f*ck this one up because I'm really waiting with bated breath to see how it all unfolds.

So did you all laugh as hard as I did when Dr Baily was walking down the hall and noticed McSteamy standing there. She had a look of disgust on her face...classic Miranda. I just adore her.

Operation Be Kind-Rewind failed for Cristina , but it all ended happily in the end. Justice of the peace amd Mer and romantic. No Mosquito nets! Ha ha.

Well, I'm loving the direction Grey's is going, despite the fact that I'm mad that George cheated on Callie. Can't wait for next week.