March 21, 2007

Where's My Fairy Godmother?

I have forgotten how to be a lady of leisure, I've been a slave to the books for far too long. Why did I ever decide to become a nurse? Being a housewife isn't so bad. I get to plan meals, tidy the house, spend time with my family, watch tv shows that I've missed. Hell I even took and hour to give myself a manicure and pedi. This is heaven! Damn me and my practical and realistic self. Deciding to get an education pffttt! Education is SO overrated. LOL I've even gotten to sit and read a that doesn't require me to retain an ounce of it. Fluff..I love books full of fluff, romance, vicariously is fun! I am getting too comfortable in this role of mother and wife. I forgot just how much I love it. And in less than a week the spell will be broken...I'll go back to being a slave, my house will be unkempt, my laundry pile will go back to the size of Mount Everest and I will once again be the stressed out mother of four everyone has come to avoid. Sigh!

Such is life. It can't always be a fairytale. 5 more weeks....5 weeks and I'm done. It isn't so long right? Ugh...just get me the end.

Summertime....barbecues, ball games, lounging poolside....I can't wait. I will be so happy when this semester is complete and I can be myself again. That's all I feel like myself.