March 22, 2007

George the Cheater

I have yet to watch tonight's episode of Grey's but I wanted to comment on last weeks episode. IZZY AND GEORGE???? What's up with that? I can't say I was shocked, but dayum! What's George gonna do now? He is just too timid and sweet for Izzy. She needs a strong Denny. What did George go and do? Is he going to tell Callie? Oh Lordy! Callie will kill him and Izzy both. He'd better tell her over the phone. LOL SO not only will Izzy be grappling with her feelings left for Denny, but also Alex and now George. Tsk Tsk. Drink + men = sex...Don't you know that Izzy? I guess the writers are going back to the old tried and true...have everyone sleep with everyone and make a big hot mess of everything. Geez! Callie is heiress rich. Wonder if George will continue eating room service out of big daddy's pockets? We'll have to wait and see...

And what was with that creepy man grabbing Christina's butt? I'm glad, give ole Burke a run for his money, he's too pompous anyway. I'm still pissed he called TR Knight a faggot and then LIED about it in front of TR who then went on Ellen and said he's a liar and he heard him. Whatever! The man would have a fit if someone threw derogitory comments in his direction. Pffffffffffft! I hate haters.

I really loved the dinner with Merideth's dad and step mom. Mare Winningham...remember her from St. Elmos Fire? She was in love with Billy (Rob Lowe in his too hot for tv days) and Billy made fun of her girdle when they were about to get it on? Poor Mare. Never fall in love with a hot sax player. They'll break your heart everytime. I can't watch her without thinking of that humiliating moment in cinema history.

Let's take a trip back in time shall we????

Ahhhh...didn't you just love that movie? I love the 80's...
So how did I get so off track...Mare...oh yeah...atleast she's still working. Well....I'm off to watch Grey's. I'll post on it later....let's hope George isn't killed off the show.